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10 Highly Suggested Side Business Ideas

side business ideas

In the present time, everyone is running for financial freedom. But working in the old custom 9-5 job is not secure and fruitful. It’s only for living and paying your bills. To enjoy life up to full extent, one needs to work on some side business ideas. So get rid of a 9-5 job and financial freedom, in the near future.

In this post, I will share my list of side business ideas which are easily do-able with your routine daily job.

  1. Flip Domain Names

If you are a little lazy and want to earn some extra money just sitting in the home behind Computer, then Domain names Flipping is a good idea for you. In this business, you buy Domain Names and then after 8 months or later you will resell it on Goddady auctions or for higher prices.

Its an easy way of investing and earning side money from your job. Just purchase Domains Names and resell it on auctions can generate you a good amount of money.

2. Sell Courses

Everyone is an expert in some kind of knowledge or skill. Sharing your skills and knowledge with the world through the digital course, anyone can earn a good amount of money.

Best Platform for selling online Courses are Skillshare and Udmey. The process of making a course is easy for people who have little knowledge f video and audio editing. its a good passive income in the present time.

3. Making Money with Apps, No Coding Experience required

In Today world 80% of Population use smart mobile phones. So earning money from apps is a good side business idea.

Good Barber is a platform where people make Apps for PC, Mobile, and tablet without knowing the ABC of coding. They have easily usable tools to design and create an app.

If you have some kind of helpful knowledge or expert in skill and want to share it through the app, you can make a good amount of money. You can earn money from ads or user subscriptions fee.

4.Buying & Selling Digital businsses

If you are a little lazy and don’t like to start a business from scratch. Then you can make money from buying already established businesses.

Yes, sir, it’s possible. Flippa is a market place where people sell their digital businesses which are earning a good amount of money. You can find A business around $100 to $1million, people are willing to sell here.

Blogs, websites, e-store, Shopify store, Apps, and many more digital products you can buy here, and start earning some extra money.

5. Portfolio Money or as a Silent Partner

If you have a good amount of bank balance but don’t have time to start and set up a business. Then just invest the money in shares or stock exchange and get paid annually in the form of a dividend, without doing any work.

6.Youtube Channel

Every one love making videos and posting them on social media. If we just start Posting these videos on YouTube with a little bit of editing we can earn a good amount of money. Check this post about how to grow fast YouTube Channel.

Any kind of video you can post here. From Politics reviews to hunting. videos. people post videos of animals, birds, gardening, books reading, whatever is your passion. Youtube is the best place for learning and sharing teaching videos. You can teach through video to students worldwide from home. You can share your first business experience, new beginners. Health, fitness, and food are also a good niche for youtube videos.

There are thousands of other topics to makes videos and earn money from Youtube.


This business idea is for all people who want to share knowledge and experience in some niche. Blog writing is a passion and profession for a lot of people.

At the start, you just need little investment for Domain Name and Hosting. After 4-6 months you can earn up to $1000 per month just writing original content around your passion and interest.

8. Write & Publish ebook

Full Method of Writing and Publishing a book is available in this post, how to write and publish the First ebook On KDP.

In today age writing and publishing an ebook is easy through Kindle Direct Publishing. Once you published the book out, will get the reward for a life time of its use and selling.


Drop-shipping is big busy with low cost to start. In this business, you will sell, on a higher price than original, some third-party products on your Shopify store.

As you get an order for a product you will cut your profit and will place an order for the product to the customer address. The company will deal with sending the product to the buyer.

Here your only cost will be on setting the store and on marketing the products list you are willing to sell.

10.Amazon Affiliate

It’s an Amazon commission based programme. In this business, you will sell Amazon Products through the preferred link, and when someone buys a product through your provided link, you get the commission.

This business is easily doable with bog or YouTube Channel. Where you Will review the Products and share your knowledge and experience with your users.

let me know through comments, which side business idea is more suitable for you.

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