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100 Daily Affirmations that Will Change Your Life

40 Daily Affirmations that Will Change Your Life


The more we think and speak of a thing it becomes our reality. It’s because of our thoughts control our actions. Talking and thinking positive and great things will lead to your great habits and actions which will change your results. Affirmation is a great way to start changing your thoughts and mindset. The Daily Affirmations are a proven method to connect your emotions and feelings for dreams with your potential.

Affirmations are saying and speaking powerful and positive words about yourself and life. It’s a way of self-talk where we will think and talk with ourselves the wonderful things ourselves that we want to have in our lives. In this way automatically these things become part of thinking and mindset. And our mindset creates our results and future.

In this post, I am going to share the list of 100 daily affirmations. With these affirmations, you change your behaviors, your habits, mindset, action, and can achieve all your dreams and wishes. These daily Affirmation lists will push you to take over obstacles and face all your challenges with courage and confidence.

100 Daily Affirmations:

  1. I have unlimited potential and talent to achieve my goals.
  2. I am strong, motivated, and powerful to achieve any objective in life.
  3. I am healthy, beautiful, and wise.
  4. God created me with a great purpose.God created me with a great purpose.
  5. Fear is just a feeling and I can control and overcome it.
  6. My success is my duty and I will achieve it with patient and commitment.
  7. Everything happens or good.
  8. I can do anything I set my mind to it.
  9. I am creative and productive.
  10. I am great and limitless.
  11. I love the process and pain towards my goals and success.
  12.  I am constantly learning from my mistakes and making myself wise and strong.
  13. I am growing mentally and physically every day.
  14. I can earn and make unlimited wealth.
  15. the Whole universe loves and supports me.
  16. My mind is brilliant and full of wisdom.
  17. I am peaceful.
  18. I am kind and Brave.
  19. I am kind and Brave.
  20. I am a positive person and I hate negativity.
  21. I am human and I make mistakes and every time I  learn from my mistakes.
  22. I am Leaner
  23. I have control over my feelings and decisions.
  24. I am Valuable and effective.
  25. I believe in greatness and positive thinking.
  26. I can heel myself from any nativity, tension, depression, and stress.
  27. I am the master of my life.
  28. I have a belief in my talent and skills.
  29. I am beautiful and positive from inside and outside.
  30. My soul is full of peace and joy.
  31. My heart is full of love and kindness for all.
  32. Positive energy runs through my body.
  33. I am powerful over my life.
  34. I am created especially with a special purpose and meaning.
  35. I respect my self.
  36. I am doing good for myself and not to impress others.
  37. I love new creativity and testing new ideas.
  38. No person can stop me if I don’t want to stop myself.
  39. I love myself.
  40. I love myself.
  41. I am ready to accept challenges.
  42. I know my strengths and weakness.
  43. I am ready to change and will take advantage of all opportunities life throws over me.
  44. My family and all relationships are for a great purpose.
  45. There are opportunities and prosperity all around me.
  46. I am worthy to create amazing things.
  47. I am happy and grateful at this time.
  48. I can bring good in any situation.
  49. My hands create my life and I am taking full responsibility for it.
  50. I love all people around me.
  51. I don’t have to prove myself to others.
  52. Other people’s successes inspire me and not jealous.
  53. All the universe is created for us and its full of wonder and beauty.
  54. I am full of power, courage, energy, and determination.
  55. Other people’s opinions don’t matter in my life.
  56. I am bold and brave to change my future.
  57. I am deeply grateful for my family and the people around me.
  58. I am a sign of positive energy.
  59. I forgive myself for all past mistakes and wrong choices.
  60. I respect my self and respect other people around me.
  61. I happy with my past and I have a full focus in my present.
  62. I have infinite potential to serve the world.
  63. My obstacles are here to make me strong and skillful.
  64. I can change my habits.
  65. I can change my habits.
  66. I am great the way I am and I can change myself the way I want.
  67. I am here for positive changes.
  68. I am ready to push my boundaries and achieve beyond my limitations.
  69. I can work hard and I can achieve all the abundance in the world.
  70. I am thankful for my love and love.
  71. I am fearless and I can take over new challenges.
  72. My inner world is peaceful and prospers.
  73. I believe and trust my self.
  74. I am a hard and smart worker.
  75. I can bring change in other lives.
  76. I am important.
  77. I am free to be who I want to be in life.
  78. My talent and hard-working behavior can bring all my wishes true and fulfill.
  79. I have a focus on the present.
  80. In Present, I am creating my great future.
  81. All my actions are full of positivity, love, and kindness.
  82. There no limit to my talent and power.
  83. I am a true and worthy friend.
  84. I totally in love with my life.
  85. My heart is beating with love and positivity.
  86. I respect all other opinions, beliefs, and religions.
  87. Peace and light are abundant in my inner world.
  88. I am worthy to create a great life.
  89. I am worthy to achieve all success and greatness.
  90. I can achieve any success
  91. I am magnificent and charming.
  92. I have the courage and power to stand for myself and my rights.
  93. I can bring the change in the world with my talent and creativity.
  94. I have clarity in my mind.
  95. I am excellent and magnificent at everything I do.
  96. People love and trust me.
  97. I am willing to change and bring change in the universe.
  98. I am in charge of my life and I can take it into any direction I want.
  99. I am grateful for my body.
  100. positivity and wellness is the nature of my body.
  101. I am blessed and happy.
  102. What is happening’ in my life is all happening for my good.
  103. I can change my thinking into reality.
  104. MY life purpose is to help and serve others.

Let me through comments what affirmation you use before going into bed?

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