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5 High Paying Skills You can Learn Free from YouTube

learn free from youtube

Today is the age of skills and Performance. 99% of companies focus on your results and output without your degree and Qualification. Today I am sharing with You 5 skills that you can learn free from YouTube and Can earn big amount of money.

1. Coding

Coding is the language of the computer to operate in a certain way. Important of its are HTML, Python, CSS, and JavaScript. There are hundreds of YouTube Channels that teaches other people free coding and its implementation. Here are 3 examples of coding YouTube channels. Free code camp, CS Dojo, Programming with Mosh,

Coding is high pay skill in present time. Any one can learn it from YouTube and earn some extra money from a freelancer. After learning, you can also work on your own projects and sell it in market for good amount of money.

2. Graphic Designing

There are different software for graphics designing, free and paid one. But I will suggest work on Inkscape, free software with high graphics.

Logos by Nick is the YouTube Channel who is an expert in Inkscape Graphics and designing. All kinds of Videos are available from begging to advanced level. Logo Making, Card Making, is the main theme of these tutorials.

3. Professtional Photo Editing

Photoshop is best Photo editing software and there are hundreds of free courses are available on YouTube.

Gimp is also the best free photo editing software. Logos By nick YouTube Channel has a lot of tutorials about Gimp Photo Editing and logo making.

4. Video Editing & Filming

Filming and Video editing is part of everybody life. Advanced Video Editing software like Wondershare Filmora and adobe premiere pro all training is available on YouTube. After Getting Skilled in Video Editing anyone can earn a good amount of money as a freelancer on UpWork, Fiverr and Envato.

5. Music & Sound Making

People always looking for sound effects and music for videos. Fl Studio 20 is best and easy Music producing software both for PC and Mac. From Begging to Advanced level all music lessons are available for free.

Producing, again and again, one can easily get to learn hip-hop and music beats production. Charging a minimum $20 for beat one can easily earn up to $100 per day.

YouTube is big Learning institute for people with will of learning. Just knowing little bit of English any one can easily any skill without proper education.

Let me know through you comments what you are learning from YouTube.

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