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5 things to do during the lockdown and not get insane

5 things to do during lockdown and not get insane

Five things you can do in your lockdown and not get

insane, also improve your mental health.


Try some gardening.

If you have a small garden or a backyard, you should do gardening and grow your own vegetables and plants flowers. Keep yourself busy caring for them in this way you can really improve your mental health by focusing on this hobby. Gardening is really beautiful work and the green color of plants is very soothing to eyes, it will help you focus on the important things in life and keep you away from all the conspiracy theories on social media. I am certain that gardening will help you not get insane and improve your mental health.


The other important thing you can do is cooking and if you have a passion for cooking or you are doing it for the first time it doesn’t matter. Just do some three-ingredient dishes and pass your time and cook healthy meals for your loved ones. Cook for your family and it’s good to experiment with different ingredients and make something of them. It would really help you pass your time and keep you sane during this lockdown. 


It is very important for you to stay healthy with all the extra calorie intake and the Parks closed and the gyms are closed so it’s really good if you start doing exercise indoors. This lockdown should not be an excuse for you to not exercise and keep yourself healthy and this will not only you will be physically fit but exercise also improves mental health. Try doing yoga early in the morning. It will really help you to not get insane.

Stay away from fake news and conspiracy theories.

It’s really important to stay away from fake news and conspiracy theories and trust only the sources which you think are factual. Don’t just watch News all the time just watch News for the sake of information. Always watching the news and it will have a very bad impact on your mental health and make you insane. 

Instead, you can watch some good TV shows and Movies during this lockdown with all the extra time you have.

Spending time with loved ones.

It is really important to spend time with your family and bond with your children. Do some activities, you can play quizzes or board games just to engage with them and also engage with the elderly people in your family if they are living with you we can engage with them by playing some board games and learning history from their life struggles and everything they have gone through. If they are far from you you can do video calls with them and don’t let them get discouraged during this pandemic.

You can also start forgiving people and relinquish all beef with people you had because life is temporary and who knows what will happen, no one is certain and it’s really important to leave your mark in this world and be a forgiving person.

Stop judging people and start accepting them in this way you can open new relationships.

Be kind to everyone and try spreading positivity all around you.

These are really hard times and I pray that your hard times get over and you be safe and healthy because history is being written and we should be on the good side of history because years from now when people read about this they would remember this event and will want to know how the people in those times acted. 

There is a lot to learn from this Pandemic.