8 Essential Tools Every Blogger Must Use ( Secret of Creating Insane Content )

the ali post best tools for creatin contnet

Essential Tools

Creating amazing and valuable content is a great way to get search engine traffic and build your brand without spending a single penny on ads and marketing.

Content is still king in marketing and can bring huge traffic to the blog but today there are millions of blogs posting their articles. And there is a big compilation of content marketing.

With the use of the right tools and strategies, anyone can build content that will not only rank on the first page of google but will bring massive traffic to the blog and pages.

In this post, I am going to share easy to use and free simple tools that will help you in building unique and attractive content.

These free tools will help in creating the title and content, helping to create the right use of words and sentences, and creating killer infographics and photos for your content. With the use of these tools, any Level of Blogger can rank their content on the first-page google search engine.

8 Essential Tools Every Blogger Must Use;

content writing tools

Ubersuggest is the best tool for keyword research and getting new content ideas. By entering your niche keywords, Ubersuggest will show the search volume for keywords or Keyphrases, top pages for keywords, and also Content ideas.

For example, enter the keyword SEO.

the ali post Ubersggest

the ali post

UberSuggest how to use

Here from Ubersuggest Results for Keyword SEO, we can see the monthly search volume, Content ideas, and Social media popularity of the content.

Ubersuggest is also useful for getting content ideas or keyword ideas list from your competitor’s blog. just enter your comparator domain name and its will how the list of rank keywords, Ranking posts, and Social media popularity.

The first and most important thing in your content writing and marketing is your headline and title. If your content is amazing but your title sucks then no one will click and open your posts and pages.

Writing attractive, emotional, and user useful titles will bring more clicks than a dull and boring title. Creating an amazing clickable title is easy with the Portent title maker.

Potent title MAker tool

In portent search, you will enter your desired niche Keywords or phrases, and then click arrow and portent automated system will start showing different types of Titles.

Portent Title Maker is also a great tool for getting different kinds of content ideas around a single keyword.

For example, I entered the phrase SEO tips and now it will start building different titles or content ideas each time I click on the arrow button.

potent tool for title maker


Keep pushing the button until you get a satisfying title or content idea according to your niche and need.


title maker tool free for content writing


It’s another great tool for checking the worth or emotional value of a headline created by a portent title maker or copywriting title written for sales pages.

For example, I entered the title “make money online from home”. It shows a score of  20%.


Nheadline maker tool for content writing

Now let try a different title “make money online without a website and any experience”.

best tools for content writing

Now the score is 37.5. This score shows the emotional impact of words on your users and customers. Higher the score of your title more impactful and attractive will be the headline.

Grammarly is the best writing tool in the market for correcting grammatical and punctuational mistakes in the content. Its no#1 free tool for Content writing.

It also has a paid version that can help you in creating fluency, readability, sentence variety, tone, politeness, and formality in your content writing process.

For beginners,  Grammarly free version is enough to create great content. It has different models that work with MS word office, Google chrome, and desktop apps.

best etools for bloggers


Hemingway is a similar tool to Grammarly with some extra options and benefits. It not only helps you in spelling corrections and grammar but also guides you about adverbs, passive voice, and gives you suggestions for alternative sentences.

It’s free for online use and for offline use you have to purchase a desktop version of $19.

Infographics and photos really help in the message delivery and presenting the content in an easily understandable way. Canva is free HD graphics created with stock photos, effects, elements, and custom designs.

Canva lets you create amazing photos and guidelines for your content that will double your content value and make your content standing and more valuable for your user over your competitors.

  • Google Drive

Google drive is a common cloud storage tool of Google . Its really useful for saving content and ideas online. Once you save the content to Google Drive, you can reach it from anywhere with your Google Gmail account.

Yoast Seo is a plugin that will not only help you in creating amazing content but also content according to the needs of search engine algorithms. Yoast SEO plugin helps you with content readability and helps you make it user friendly.

All the above tools are free to use and with the use of these tools, you can double your content production and will make your content user friendly.

Let me know through comments which tools are new and unique for you and which tools you already used in the content creation process.

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