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9 Things to Remove from Your Life

9 things to remove from your life - The Ali Post

Ever wonder why you are not satisfied with your life. Do you want some things to remove from your life? Even though you have all the success and money but somethings keep you up at night.

Here is a list of 9 things to remove from your life.

  • Showing off

You buy a sports car. What was the reason behind that purchase? Are a sports car enthusiast, you want goosebumps when you hit the accelerator or you just want to annoy your community by showing off and making noise. Buying things for your own pleasure and satisfaction is great, but If it is just for the purpose to show off, then there is something wrong with you. Buy things which matter and touch your soul, buying for the purpose of showing off means you are just sad. You have to remove this thing from your life.

  • Looking for Shortcuts

Life is a long struggle and in order to achieve success, you have to go through the full process. That process involves pushing yourself to the limits until you sweat hard. Looking for easy shortcuts may give you some success but that will be temporary. A long-lasting and concrete success can only happen by cutting off the bad habit of shortcuts from your life.

  • Living in the past

Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. You will keep on failing again and again if you live in the past. Only remember your past for the mistakes you made and how can you correct the wrongdoings. Living in the moment is a gift, that is why it is called “The Present”. You have to remove past mistakes from your life and look towards the future. It would be great if you cut off past mistakes from your life.

  • Futile exercise/Unnecessary stress

You have to believe in your ability to achieve your goal and cut off unnecessary stress from your life. Do your hard work with all the effort and wait for results, stay away from futile exercise, and don’t stress too much.

  • Ego is your enemy

Ego is your enemy. Let’s not confuse ego with self-esteem and confidence. Ego makes you leave rationality from your life and turns you into a self-centered prick. It will overshadow all the good qualities about you so it’s important to remove it from your life.

  • Overuse of social media

Social media is a great time pass to get the information you want but a lot of time wasted on social media forums will make you an entirely different person. Never compromise on your privacy and use social media just for the fun of it. A lot of conspiracy and fake news comes from social media so it’s better to follow only the trusted sources and cut off all the fake ones.

  • Remove negative and toxic people

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. You want to be small, average, or Great? It’s up to you how you keep your social circle. Negative people will never let you grow and always discourage you from your bright ideas. Same goes for toxic people, they not only will belittle you but bad mouth behind your back. These people can be your friends, coworkers, or relatives. If you have such people among you, it is good to remove them from your life and be around positive people. Positive people spread good vibes and encourage you to achieve your goals and ambitions. 

  • Comparing your life with others

You are different and that is what makes you unique. Never let anyone belittle you by comparing it to another person. By comparing ourselves with others we kill our personality. If you are a parent then the worst thing you do to your child is to compare him/her with another person’s child. Everyone is born with a talent, you just need to find that. Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Lives Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid. Please remove this bad habit from your life.

  • Arrogance will destroy you

Arrogance is an abyss and you will keep on falling in that abyss if you don’t stop being arrogant. Be humble and modest, listen to other people before jumping on conclusions and giving arguments. An arrogant person never learns. The world is changing and there is no room for arrogance so leave it behind and remove it completely from your life. 

Life is too short to live it sorrowly. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start removing all these bad things from your life. You will start feeling the difference by removing even one of the above mentioned bad traits.

I hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to give any suggestions in the comments, and share it with people who you think need to read this. Check here my more Posts about Lifestyle. Thank you.