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7 Questions A Public Speaker Should Check Before Starting Presentation

7 Questions A Public Speaker Should Check Before Starting Presentation

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In public speaking, all your audience is here to get some unique value from you and your presentation. Public Speaking without definite values and messages is a waste of time and energy.

To make your presentation successful and meaningful, you need to understand and follow some basic guidelines.

In this post, I am going to share the list of 7 questions that will help in the true preparation of your presentation. If you know the answer to these questions, then your presentation will be full of value and purpose for you and your audience.

7 Questions A Public Speaker Should Check Before Starting a Presentation;

1. Who is my target audience?

Knowing and understanding your target audience is key to successful Public Speaking. You should know about the average age of your audience, their financial position, their needs, what they want from this presentation, etc. This kind of knowledge will help you to serve in a better way for your audience.

2. What is the message and Unique value I will transfer?

When you know your audience, then you will know their problem, needs, and demands from your presentation. And you will work at your best to give better value and service.

Just work on one message in one presentation and try to provide the one thing in the best way to your audience.

3. Place of Presentation?

Before jumping on stage you must know your hall and stage of your presentation, the number of people, and the type of technology you will use like mic type, laptop, screen, etc. At the time of the presentation, this will be time-saving for you and your audience.

4.  Available time for Presentation?

You must reach the presentation place in time. And secondly, you must know about the time of your presentation.

If you know about your presentation time, then you will prepare your message and idea according to the given time and will deliver it within the given time.

5. What is an Emotional Story or experience I have to share?

Public speaking is all about storytelling and Emotion. If you can play with the emotions of your audience, then it will be really easy to convey and persuade them to the main idea and message.

You have to build the story, share an experience, or event that relates to their problem and needs. And so they will connect themselves to your point, story, and message.

6.  Why should they take action or follow?

What are the motivating factors in prompting your audience to take action on your message? You have to give some kind of motivation and inspiration to the audience for the action. And motivation comes from sharing and showing living examples.

7. How to handle the question

Questions are an important part of present-day Public speaking. You have to prepare a list of expected questions from the audience about your topic and idea.

And prepare the best answers that will give value and satisfaction to your audience. Answers to the audience questions will be bonus content and information.


According to the gurus like Brian Tracy, Jim RohanTony Robin, etc, public speaking is all about giving and adding unique value to your audience. The more specific is your topic and audience, the more helpful will your presentation and your message. Learn here more about public speaking.

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