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16 Affirmations For Coping With PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

16 Affirmations For Coping With PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)


Unpleasant incidents, events, and things are part of our life. But sometimes it affects our mind and stays in our mind, memory, and thoughts for a long time.

And we stay in anxiety and depression because our minds always think about such terrifying incidents and events.

It’s not only affecting our work performance and productivity, but it also affected our sleep, hunger, behaviors, and relationship.

The best self exercise for Controlling PTSD is journaling. Through, we put all our damaging thoughts and feelings on paper.

And when you put your fears on paper, then it looks like nothing to worry about. And you have the power and choices to control your mind and such thoughts.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 16 Empowering affirmations, that will help in controlling PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). And this affirmation will change your mindset and perspective about unpleasant incidents and things that happened in your life.

16 Affirmations For Coping With PTSD

1. I am ready and prepared for success. Change is part of life, and I will change with time and will achieve all my goals. I can improve myself every day. I have the power to create a bright future.

2. I have self-control, and I can regulate my feelings, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions. I control my life and future.

3. I am brave. I have shown my strengths in times of problems and dangers, and I can control my mind and feelings.
Have the power to face these problems and reach my goals and purpose.

4. I am worthy, I can get all kinds of success, I deserve success and anything I want to achieve in this life.
Problems are nothing but to test me and improve my self-esteem and skill set. I am truly great.

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5. I am confident. I can achieve my goals.

6. I am Action Taker. I will change my life and surrounding people. With committed actions, I will turn my ideas into reality.

7. I love learning and reading. Through learning and reading, I will improve my skills and will polish my talent. I will learn to control my thoughts and feelings. And master my self-growth.

8. I am positive, and I will attract more positive people in my life.

9. God created me with a big purpose, and I will achieve big goals in life.

10. I am kind, I will serve humanity, with no greed and material purpose. I will create value and will add to the world, even putting myself in danger. I will share my wisdom, knowledge, and resources to make other people.

11. I am grateful and enthusiastic. There is inner passion, will, and power within me.

12. I am a human being, and I am not perfect. I will make mistakes, and it’s part of our life and journey. We make mistakes to learn.

13. I have trust, integrity, and loyalty in my personality and character. I have habits that make me unique and worthy.

14. I am happy and grateful for everything in my life. There are unlimited resources and happiness waiting for me. There is an abundance of everything in my life and the universe.

15. I am a good friend. I add value to my friend’s life. I always support my friends.

16. I have The choice and I can overcome all my life problems. Bad things happen all-time over the world, but the world is still here. If the world can face it, I can as well. I will correct all the bad things in my life and will replace with positive things.

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We all have a choice, and we all can control our minds. Bad things are part of life, but instead of stop living or being a victim, we need to focus and face the situations. Learn here more about stress management and self-improvement.

Also, watch this video on coping with PTSD.

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