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Article Writing-Earn $50 a Day by Article Writing

Article Writing-Earn $50 a Day by Article Writing

Article Writing is one of the best part-time sources of income for students and people who want to earn some extra money. In the present time, the majority of people are adopting it as a full-time profession. Websites, blogs, and companies are always in search of good content writer.

                Any person can do it from home. You just need a computer, internet connection and decent knowledge of the English language. How to research a specific topic and write an article from gathering the data. The best way to earn more money so specializes in a specific niche and subject like health, fashion, clothing, self-help.

Usually, people start from freelancing websites like Fiverr, UpWork and freelancer, etc. to earn a little bit of money and get some experience and ranking.  After getting experience in a specific niche, through article writing anyone can easily earn more than $50 a day online working from home.  

                Practice will help you to get better and better. Working different websites and blog articles will improve your way of communication and polish your writing skills in a specific niche.

               Then you will apply to big websites like Textbroker, Hubpages for article writing. These are professional article platforms. Here people hire content writers for blogs, websites, and companies. They pay a good amount of money for a single article.

                After registration with Textbroker, you have to admit the sample article for review. As they review your article, you will get stars or ranking for your article or profile. More stars mean more money per article. Here companies and websites will contact you directly or through text broker platforms. They will pay from 0.07 cent to .05 cent per word of article depending on your rating and stars.

                You can directly contact with different websites of your niche websites and blogs for article services. Hubpages work like this. You will write the article in a specific niche and these websites will pay you for every view of your article.

                Providing more quality content article, in return, you will get more money and growth. The more you grow in the rating, the higher will be your rate and the more you will per article.

Let me know through your comments about your article writing experience and also check my this post 5 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online From Home.

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