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Best Investment is Self-Investment

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If you are a starter and want to start a business and don’t know where to start, start with yourself. Your self-investment is the best investment of all. Making self prepare skillfully and mentally is returned for life long without any risk and danger.  Getting more knowledge and building confidence will defiantly take you to the next level.

                I am not talking about some college or school degree or any kind of academic certificate but I mean real skills that will turn your potential into being a millionaire. Investing in real estate or other capital in the begging means you are putting more trust in it than your self. It’s okay if you sold the property or land for 20% profit, then what. It will not change your life. You will be the same just with little more money. But what will change your life is your self-investment and self-development. With self-investment, You will grow every day and in the same way, your earning ability will grow.

               There is advice from rich people, don’t chase investment but know your stuff and work in yourself. Always some part of your income spends on yourself to grow and once you know something you know for ages. Just study books, watch and learn business skills, communications skill, team building, and relation building.  All these will pay in the long term. It’s like putting a seed in the ground and it will earn fruit after four, five years later.

               So the money and time you put in yourself will give you the greatest return from anything else. Your any investment in skills and personal development is a long term income and happiness. You are the greatest asset of yourself. The more you work and build that asset more it will bring happiness and service.




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