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Best Ways to Start Earning Income from Your Website/Blog

Best Ways to Start Earning Income from Your Website_Blog., the ali post

Generally, the majority of people know about one source of earning income from blog, ads income.  There are hundreds of ways to earn income from the blog/ website. In this post, I will share with you a few of them mostly practiced and easily manageable. I hope this will help you in getting more income from your blog and website. Below is the list of Best Ways to Start Earning Income from Your Website/Blog:

  1. Selling own products on your site/blog

Building and selling own products is long term and risky, but it’s your own brand and it gives identity. Its take time and cost to introduce own products and start selling today online competitive market, but its possible with strategy and marketing. Hiring good marketing services will reach you in less time to a huge amount of customers. once you get a basic customer base and trust, you will generate a great amount of profit for long life. Your own product and brand help you to cash money for generations to generations.

Tips for growing sell of own products;

  • Maintaining  the standard and  quality of products
  • Care and listen to your customers
  • Try to solve the problems of your customers
  • stay prepare for not giving up
  • Adding value to your customers
  • Keeping the relationship with your customer because without your customers there is no sale and no sale means no cash, which is lost.


  2. Coaching and consulting

If you are an expert in some skills er field and love to teach others, and your communication power is strong. Online teaching and consulting through website or blog is the fastest and easiest way to earn a good amount of money. You can teach from SEO, digital marketing, tips on self-grooming, self-improvement, to sharing own story and experience. You can charge for your single up to $2000 to $4000 per student.

Tips for getting traffic to your course.

  • Social media ads
  • Youtube videos
  • Email marketing
  • Teaching  something free and then asking students for more of your courses


    3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling and promoting some third-party products on your site or blog and when someone buys from your site or visits to product owners site, for example, Shopify or Amazon, and purchase something, they will be get paid some percentage of the sale price usually from 4% to 7%. It’s not an easy job and needs a lot of hard work and hustle. Good about affiliate marketing that it’s cost you nothing to start. Your good reviews are the soul of your sell. You can earn up to thousands of dollars monthly sitting in the home, just reviewing the products.

Tips for increasing affiliate sale:

  • Researching the high profitable and  demanding products
  • Getting knowledge about products
  • Review and listing products that you usually use and know about

  4. Sponsored content  and posts

This way depends on your blog traffic and visitors. Companies and other individuals will contact you to post on your blog about their products, posts or offer and you will get paid on the basis of views and visitors. Its also works, writing content giving links to companies or other blogs for payment. You can from $50 to $300 depends on your blog traffic and type of content and post.

If you writing directly about the product then you will charge high amount and in another way, just referred links you will charge up to $100 per 1000 users. Its also depends on the company and its advertisement type. Popular company or apps will pay a big amount of money because they will earn in the same way from traffic.


      5. Google Adsense ads money

Google Adsense is the old method for earning income from blog and website. After you sign up for google ads program, you will get the code and will paste it in your sit. Google will show automatic ads according to country and you will be paid on the number of blog users and clicks on ads. A lot of bloggers still earning up to $2000 monthly income from google ads.

Let me Know Through your comments, which way is the best way to earn income from blog/website. Also check my this post:10 Highly Suggested Side Business Ideas


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