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15 Best Website Builder for Your Business

15 Best Website Builder for Your Business

Website Builder

Website Builder is a platform, program, and tools system that helps you in building and running a website without manual coding and programming skills. In other words, it’s a software system that allows you to create a website without knowing the single code and programming language.

Website and blogging is still a great way to talk about your passion and even make money as a side hustle from your passion. Choosing the best, fast, professional, and easily usable website builder is a must for ranking and  SEO.

But there is a lot of website builders that that one gets confused about. Because all these services claim that they are the only best website builder in the industry.

Most services and platforms offer a testing period where you can test out the platform as a beginner for a free or monthly trial period, so you can check the performance and service of the website builder.

It’s really hard to choose a platform with beautiful styles, amazing themes, and a simple operating system and function. In this post, I am going to share the list of 15 website builders systems that will make it easy for you to choose the best platform according to your topic niche needs.

15 Best Website Builder for Your Business

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the best blog/website building platforms. It’s really easy to use and operate with thousands of free plugins and themes. These themes and plugins make your website professional, attractive and help in blog content management.

More than 100 million blogs are hosted through the WordPress platform. WordPress offers free hosting for beginners and later you can Upgrade your blog options at any time. WordPress free and premium plans can be found here.

2. Squarespace

This platform is not free but its service includes awarded winning themes. Thousands of stylish and attractive themes according to your ideas, dream, and desire. Millions of people worldwide using Squarespace. It’s really useful for both small and big businesses.

With a website builder, Squarespace also offers other services like webinars, mail marketing, etc. The pricing plan of Squarespace can be found here.

According to Squarespace claim “worldwide millions of people from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs building the most impactful and stylish businesses to manage an online business.”

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best platforms for the domain name and hosting service. It’s really easy to operate and within a half-hour, your website and blog content will be available online. GoDaddy pricing can be found here.

According to the GoDaddy claim “We’re empowering entrepreneurs to change the world if it doesn’t quite fit them. To make their idea real. To grow it online. We help them do what they’ve been dreaming of and make the world they want.”

4. Wix

According to Wix’s claim”Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.”

Wix helps in creating a fully professional, easy functional, and simple website. Its function works for both new beginners and pro bloggers. Wix pricing can be found here.

Wix is great for bloggers who want to make money from their content and especially for affiliate marketers. This platform is famous for stylish designs with easy customization according to the need of the market and customers.

5. Site123

Site123 website builder offers free and paid plans for creating a stunningly beautiful website. It’s really useful for all individuals and businesses by offering amazing creative layouts to make your blog and website look professional. Site123 free and paid plans can be found here.
Site123 advanced wizard with its ready-made styles and themes will teach you how to make a website and help you set up a perfect online presence with practically no effort. Just with a few clicks your content your website content will be available online.

6. Weebly

Weebly website builders claim that ” website and e-Commerce service founded on the belief that anyone should have the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth.”

Weebly also offers a free plan with three other premium plans. Weebly pricing plans can be seen here.

Whether you’re starting an online business from scratch or taking your in-person business online, with Weebly website builder, entrepreneurs can build websites that customers love to visit and shop.

Weebly powerful tools make it easy to build a professional, mobile-optimized site and grow your business with integrated marketing and advanced analytics.

7. Duda

Website speed plays a really important role in ranking and SEO. Duda website builder is famous for its blog and website speed. Duda’s fast servers help to load pages quickly without content load. Around15 a million blogs and websites have been built on the Duda platform. Duda pricing can be found to be here.

Duda is the leading web design platform for companies that offer web design services to small businesses. It serves all types of customers, from freelance web professionals and digital agencies, all the way up to the largest hosting companies and online publishers in the world.

Loaded with powerful team collaboration and client management tools, the Duda platform enables users to build feature-rich, responsive websites at scale. Every Duda website is automatically optimized for lightning-fast loading and great google and search engine ranking.

8. Jimdo

Jimdo is a strong community-based website builder. Around 20 million websites have already been built with Jimdo. Jimdo’s pricing plan can be found here.

It’s attractive and storytelling for people like musicians, photographers, artists, etc. And for people who were inspired to share their stories online with the world.  People who run successful online stores, and people who just want to help and give value to others.

9. Moto cms

MotoCMS is a convenient, functional, and easy website builder. Its main familiarity is a responsive website builder with a huge collection of lightning-fast templates. Moto CMS pricing can be found here.

10. Strikingly

Strikingly is the best and fast mobile-friendly website running platform. Its fast content loading servers help the user to get the content available online within no time. With premium offers  Strikingly also offers a free website builder option with limited features. Strikingly plans can be found here.

11. enables and empowers individuals and small business owners around the world to launch their online business. plan can found here.

According to the claim of, “we believe everyone deserves to have a website or online store. Innovation and simplicity make us happy: our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent business owners from making their’s own websites. We’re excited to help you on your journey.”

12. Yola

Yola is useful for making your business online. Its useful features help your website shine and get you found online. Easy to use Yola world-class blogs and websites builder helps you to make your content available online. Yola Pricing Plans can be found here.

According to Yola, We’re pretty modest, “but we’re also incredibly proud of having created a top-notch website-building service that’s one of the best in the world. Just ask our customers. And we’re always working to make Yola even better. But don’t take our word for it. Try it, and see for yourself. It’s free.”

13. Webnode

Webnode is an amazingly simple website builder. And It has already helped over 40 million users create their websites. It doesn’t matter if you need a professional website for your company, a beautiful portfolio, or a user-friendly e-shop, you have the right tools to build the website just the way you want. Webnode plans can be found here.

Anyone can build a website with Webnode. Simply choose one of the stunning templates and customize it in minutes. Webnode is constantly bettering website builders and developing new functions to provide the users with all the tools you need to create the perfect website.

14. Webs

With Webs, anyone can build a professional website fast with beautiful, flexible templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Get found using features like SEO Booster, and measure your traffic with Website Stats. Webs plan can found here.

15. Ucraft

Ucraft is a drag and drops website builder for anyone who wants to create a professional and responsive website. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, artist, blogger, or anything in between, build a website, and present your brand at the best reasonable price. Ucraft plans can found here.

I hope this post will help you in choosing the best website building platform. Learn here more about blogging and tools.

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