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11 Ways To Boost Your Immune System ( Immune System Boosters )

11 Ways To Boost Your Immune System ( Immune System Boosters )

Immune System

We all know about the importance of a healthy and strong immune system. And if you don’t know, then let me explain in simple words, what is the primary function of the immune system in our body.

An immune system is a group of cells and molecules that protect our body from infection, bacterium, fungus germs, and viruses. So the simple and common function of the immune system to protect and provide a defense to our body and keep us safe from a lot of infections and diseases.

Here you can learn more in medical terms about the Immune system study by Peter J. Delves, Ph.D. 

For a healthy lifestyle, we need a strong and healthy immune system. But sometimes we don’t know about our immune system function. Here are a few signs of a weak immune system. Feeling tired every time, slow healing of body wounds, high stress, and anxiety level, and always feeling cold and flu.

Generally, we can strengthen and boost our immune system by reducing cortisol, use of natural food, exercise and playing sports, taking care of sleep and rest, increasing intake of vitamin C and D, and reducing intake of sugar and fat, etc.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 ways to boost your immune system and protect your body from bacteria, germs, and viruses. Here you will find some fruits, vegetables, food and other tips that keep your body and protect from diseases.

11 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

1. Use of Honey. Honey is not just tasty and healthy, but it also contains vitamins, protein, minerals, etc that helps in wound healing and boost our immunity. Adding honey into your routines of foods and drinks strengthens your antioxidant system and creates a defense against cancer and other dangerous diseases.

2. Control Your Stress Level By playing sports and doing exercises. Stress and anxiety of workload, business, or general routines issues are a part of everybody’s life. And higher stress levels badly affect your human system and weaken your body’s defense system against deadly various and diseases.

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The best tool to control stress and depression is exercise, running, and playing sports. Regular exercises and sports activities not only improve your physical and mental health, but give you fun and make you forget about stress issues and situations.

Exercises and sports also improve your work energy, stamina, and productivity, which helps you in controlling problems and issues in life and decrease your stress level.

3. Use of Green Tea. Drinking Green tea is not only useful for protection against the flu, cold, fat and diabetes, blood sugar regulation, but it also helps in enhancing immune function. Consuming green tea every day can strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy and fit.

4. Less use of Alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs kill our immune cells and damages healthy bacteria, which protects our body from infections. Drugs and alcohol also have an adverse effect on your stomach, sleep, and general health which weaken your immune system. Avoiding or less use of alcohol and drugs boosts your immune system and keeps you safe from several diseases.

5. Practice mediation, gratitude, and mindfulness. Mediation, prayers, and mindfulness help in getting focus and controlling your thinking and emotions. Mediation and prayer lower your depression and stress and helps in boosting your immune system.

Mindfulness is also useful for getting a focus on the present moment and slowing down the nervous system and heart rate, which improves your immunity and keeps you healthy.

6. Take care of your sleep and rest. Sleep is not only important for stress and anxiety relief but is boosting our productivity, creativity, and strengthen our immune system. For a healthier body and immune system, we need at least daily 7-8 hours of sleep.

7. Take a Regular Walk in Nature. Walking in nature, taking fresh air, and taking sunlight, helps in stress relief, improve mental health and sleep, and strengthen our body’s immune system.

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8. Use of Natural diet balanced food. Food is our key factor in our health and body. Food will either keep you stronger or will keep you ill and unhealthy. Taking care of your food means taking care of your health and life.

Avoiding markets fast foods and using natural foods like vegetables and fruits keeps you healthy and strengthens your immune system.

9. Boost your self-confidence and self-worth. Feeling worthy means boot your happiness and help in controlling your emotions, thinking, and stress. And that boosts your immune system.

When you feel strong and worthy of yourself, you take challenges and problems and get success in life. And all these have a positive effect and influence on your physical and mental health.

10. Take care of your skin. Your body’s skin is your biggest wall and defense against environmental infections and bacteria. A healthier skin protects you from potentially harmful viruses and strengthens your immune system.

We can take care of our skin by walking in nature, absorbing sunlight, eating healthy food, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding the large use of cosmetics and other chemicals. Chemical used in cosmetic products kills our body immune cells and that weakens our immune system.

11. Cut Down Caffeine Intake. Most people use teas, coffee, or drinks to boost energy and refresh their mood. But actually, large use of all these products affects the performance of immune cells and damages our immune health.


We all can boost our immune and keep ourselves healthy by embracing nature, eating a natural diet, balanced food, regular exercise, taking care of sleep, and avoiding drugs and smoking. Cutting down the use of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol is also important for a strong immune and healthy lifestyle. Learn here more about a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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