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Career Plan: How to Choose a Career

Career Plan: How to Choose a Career

Career Plan

We, humans, are social animals and for a better living, we have to work and earn money. From here one point is clear that career plan or planning is not just a planning thing or matter but working and action. In other words, we can choose our best career by working on different jobs and not just sitting and planning.

Career Plan is finding the job, work, or profession, with profit, that suits your talent, potential, skillet, and education. Your career planning is a combo of your monetizable passion and purpose. If your career is just based on your making money without passion and purpose then after some time you will be struggling or bored with the work and so no progress and happiness.

A career plan is an important part of our life journey because if we pick up the wrong career then for the whole life we will be working as slaves. Maybe we will be making a good amount of money but from inside we will feel empty and unsatisfied.

We can change our career at any stage of life but it really hurts spending a lot of money, energy, and time on one thing and then leaving it.

A lot of people make a mistake in choosing a career because they will choose the career on the basis of what society, parents, and friends are saying.  But what we all should need to base our career on our skills, experience, passions, and inside voice and purpose.

In this post, I am going to share tips and tools for choosing the right career for your life. A career that will give profit and satisfaction. And when you like your work then it will lead to more profit and happiness.

Tips & Tools for Choosing Your Career Plan;

  • Self-awareness

We all have some kind of inner power, potential, and passion for doing things. But sometimes we really don’t know about our inner potential and life purpose. Its because we don’t know about ourselves.

The best tool, to find your self-potential and self-awareness, you have to try different things. From practical things, you will know about strengths, weaknesses, and jobs that attract you.

Sometimes we are living in a society and environment where we don’t have a lot of options for exercising our talent and potential. And whole life we stay in doubt about ourselves, talent and inner power.

If your potential job and work are not available in your city or country it doesn’t mean that you are useless. You can still find a way to utilize and monetize your talent but the first and important thing is finding your purpose and polishing your talent.

With self-awareness, you know your purpose and personality type which are the foundations for choosing your ideal career path.

  • Find the one monetizable passion

Yes, finding your talent and passion is a must and important. But we need to find the passion that can make us a profit and can bring the food on the table.

For example, We love talking about movies and Tv shows, but if we don’t make money from it, then it’s not a good passion.

We have to pick the passion that can bring us the money. Here I don’t mean that you should find a career exact with passion. But you can choose a career like your passion. And in the way, you will build the skillset and love for your career.

  • Trying Different Things

One big bad habit in our human nature that we afraid of other people’s judgments and opinions. We Don’t want to fail, so we don’t try on different things. Because if we failed what will be the reaction people or society.

But the true fact is that filings are true learning source. The more you fail yourself, the more you learn about yourself and your values.

According to the Garyvee, I love failings because there is more learning in failing than winning.

  • Make Yourself Valuable

Making yourself valuable means investing in yourself and your skills. Upgrading your skill level and continuously improving by learning new skills. The more you are skillfully growing the more career options will be available for you to choose.

  • List the Careers from Childhood

With the growing age, we always look down and foolish at childhood dreams, desires, and wishes. But, now, at this time, our childhood is part of our brain and body. In childhood, we all wanted to be someone and attracted to some kind of jobs, characters, or positions.

Make a list of all careers and jobs used attracted to you. It’s important because what naturally attracts you then it has some kind of deeper connection with you.

There is a burning desire for having some kind of career and lifestyle. We call this burning desire a passion.

  • List the Careers that Suit Your Passions and Skills

Now look at your skill set, education, experiences, learning, wins, and failings. Professions and jobs you are good at and have a passion to do it. Now make a list of all jobs and works that suites your skillset and passion.

Maybe these jobs and careers will not be exactly as you are passionate about but they will likely or same to your passion jobs. This Likely hint will connect your purpose with your career.

  • Seeking & Learning from Mentors and Ideals

Getting the guiding steps and advice from mentors and coaches can also be helpful in choosing the right career path according to your skills and learnings. They will help you in upgrading your skillset and then pushing you in the right direction and purpose of life.

Just one thing sure that right mentors will never advise you just working for money or material things. Material things should be the by-product of purpose and goal.

  • Calling Goal & Purpose

One another important matter in career planning and choosing is your life purpose and why. How you want your life-ending? what you think people should say at your funeral? what is the value and legacy you want to create?

Considering your purpose, legacy, and end goal you can set your career path and upgrade skillset for having and achieving the end goal.

Achieving your goals will not be an easy process. There will setbacks, failings, boring tasks, long nights, but you have to keep the head busy in action thinking about the end result and output.

All these problems are just part of your journey, not a destination. And so they are for the short term.

  • Taking Relevant Actions to Your Career Plan

Now is time to start actions to your goal. But before taking action make a specific plan and action. There is an old saying, measures twice but cut once. It means that measure correctly and make sure what will you do and how you will do.

The more specific is your target, the less will be mistakes and more chances of reaching your destination point and purpose. Further, you can divide your career into stages and sub-stages. This division will help you to focus on one thing at one time.

After the completion of each stage, your motivation and confidence will be pumped up for the next tasks. In this process, you can achieve any objective in life.

  • Tracking Your Progress

The greatest tool for knowing and tracking your actions and results is checking on your routine jobs and actions. You have to audit all your activities in reference to your purpose and goal.

Double on the actions that are taking you to your choosing point or increasing your learning and knowledge about your life purpose and objective. Remove all activities and choices that are distracting you from growing to your goal and purpose.

With these tools and tips, you can achieve any career path and purpose in your life. I hope this post will help you in choosing the right career according to your talent, ability, skillet, and purpose of life. Click here for more posts about business and self-development. Peace.