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15 Common Causes of Procrastination ( How To Overcome Procrastination )

Causes of Procrastination ( How To Overcome Procrastination )

Procrastination looks easy and enjoyable, but later it brings a lot of stress, depression, and pressure of work.

Most people don’t want to delay the work, but unknowingly they push their work back and focus on distraction and which results in procrastination.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 15 common reasons why people procrastinate. And how to stop procrastinating and build the mindset of an action taker.

15 Common Causes of Procrastination;

1. Lack of Self-awareness

Lack of self-awareness means not knowing your strengths and weaknesses. And when you set goals or to-do lists, you don’t know how to complete them.

Because you don’t know what kinds of tasks you can easily complete and what type of tasks to delegate to others.

Without self-awareness, most people always procrastinate or give up in the middle.

Our success and growth in life start with self-awareness. The more we know about ourselves, the more productive and creative we become in career and life.

2. Working for Perfection

The biggest problem of most people in today’s world, that all are wishing to be perfect and great in the first shot.

There is no perfection, but progress, and it only comes with taking action and failing yourself again and again in your field.

But most people are waiting for the right time and situation, that when they become perfect, they will start execution.

And therefore they always stay busy being busy by taking courses, watching YouTube, or reading books. And they think they will get perfect in this way. But actually, they are procrastinating over the goals and tasks.

But in real life doesn’t work like this.

Books and courses will give you the information and guidance for the path, but results will only come with taking action.

And the more you take action, the more you will improve in life and the more accurate you will become with time.

3. Overwhelmed to-do Lists

Most people procrastinate because they set and plan many actions for the day and when don’t know how to start or complete the tasks.

And because of the pressure and stress, they don’t take any action.

The best way to set a to-do list is just to set 3 to 5 important tasks for the day and allocate time to each task on the list. And in this way, you will not achieve your tasks, but also you will be more productive and creative.

4. No Passion and Motivation

passion, motivation, and will power is the key to taking action and facing challenges.

But most people don’t feel motivated, and therefore they escape and look for shortcuts, and procrastinates.

5. Multitasking

Multitasking is also another big reason for procrastination. Multitasking not only affects your focus and creativity also, keeps you in the illusion that you will complete it tomorrow.

And then this tomorrow never comes.

6. Attraction to distraction

Attraction to digital distraction in the form of emails, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube notifications is the biggest position for our focus and procrastination.

We just click on one post, story, or video, and then the list and interest go deep watching the video and after video and procrastinate the tasks for the next time.

7. Fear of Taking Self-responsibility

We procrastinate because we think in our minds if we failed, what will happen, what will other people say.

And that’s why we push our minds in, waiting for a good time.

8. No Sticking to the Plan

We all set fancy plans, but most people don’t stick to the plan.

And when they feel tired, they watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube, and say goodbye to today’s tasks and to-do lists.

9. Lack of Clarity Of Purpose

When you don’t know what you will achieve or what will be the rewards of getting a goal, you are less motivated and you are looking for an escape and procrastinate.

10. Short-term Focus

With a short-term mindset, you will look for fast results of actions and when you get the results as expected, you procrastinate and delaying your goals and task.

11. Push Self Too Hard

Sometimes we push ourselves to complete the goal and tasks at no cost. And which causes depression and anxiety.

And because of the high pressure, instead of focusing on completing the task, we procrastinate and give up the tasks in the middle.

12. Low self-esteem and Confidence

You procrastinate because you feel that you are not worth it, and you can not achieve your goals.

You don’t believe in your talent and worth and therefore setting missing your goals and tasks.

13. No Time for Rest and Enjoyment

The majority of the people just stay busy, task after task, and they find no time for rest and enjoyment.

And the next day they feel exhausted and don’t feel the energy for doing the work and asks, and they procrastinate.

14. No Emotional Control

most people bring their emotions into the business and work, and they don’t know to control their emotions.

And because of some kind of inner feelings, they don’t know to focus on the work, and they procrastinate their tasks.

15. Love of Shiny Rewards, Not The hustle

First, we make mistakes by setting our goals in life. We set goals based on other people’s perspectives, opinions, or trends.

Although we should set goals based on our self-awareness, talent, and skills.

After setting goals, then we don’t love the process and hustle, forgetting the goals. We just love the rewards of the goal, but not the pain in the process of setting goals.

But in actual life, it doesn’t work like this.

Getting great things in life is not easy, and therefore you have to pay the price, make sacrifices, and then you will enjoy the end results and rewards of your goals.


No one is perfect, and we can only improve ourselves by taking small daily actions. Procrastination looks easy and freedom from problems, but it creates habits. And which affects our entire mindset, self-worth, and value.

Working on your self-value, self-esteem, facing your fears, and setting goals will help you to stop procrastination and stay productive and creative. Learn here more about Procrastination and Personal Productivity in life.

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