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Change Your Life


Things or those tasks, jobs, or actions that make us feel uncomfortable are problems. We feel uncomfortable because, either, we’re afraid of failings or other people’s judgments.

Such tasks demand extra work and efforts from our routine activities but by nature, we love to stay in our comfort zone.

We feel uncomfortable because we never have done these things before, and we feel worse about the unknown or unseen results. Just in our mind and thinking, we feel fear although we don’t know what will happen.

There is an old saying that a great thing needs great sacrifices.

In other words, to achieve extraordinarily you have to put in extraordinary efforts. We all want to get success in life but internally we are not really ready to go all-in for it. In other words, we are not ready to face the problems, and sacrifice our current state of mind.

For great achievements and success, first, we have to know ourselves.

How we will know ourselves?

Well, we will know about ourselves only by doings and actions. The more we put ourselves through challenges and hard jobs the more we will know about ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses. And more we will polish our core talents and build strong unbeatable skills and habits.

Yes, problems and uncomfortable jobs and tasks will make us less happy and more painful. But once you build the habit of doing and facing uncomfortable tasks, then in this life you will be unstoppable. You can achieve anything in this world.

Because, first, you know your true self, and you will select the destination according to your talent and potential.

2nd thing that you will be not afraid of trying new ideas which will give you more learning and will open new gates of success and growth.

So the biggest secret to a happy and successful life is going on uncomfortable and painful roads and facing hard challenges. And you will find true happiness and success in the world.


True Self-Awareness

We Are Being Fooled

All from childhood to school and college, we are told and addressed again and again that get a good degree, good marks, good job, a lot of money, good wife, kids, big house, luxury car, then you will be happy. So we all struggle and work hard to keep ourselves happy, focus, and getting one thing after another. But we are not getting happiness and a state of satisfaction.

It’s because we are told, the things that will make us happy, are the things that have no relation to our happiness. Our happiness is connected and related to our self feelings. It’s a mindset skill that we have to learn and practice with ourselves and to improve with time.

Our body is important but the most important thing in our body is our mind. But the mind doesn’t work in the way it should be working and operating. Because it has been manipulated by different theories, things to get and attracted to unnecessary things and matters that will make us look and feel grateful but actually, it doesn’t matter. The reality of material things is nothing more than our needs.

We are not What we Think we are

We are a lot more than we think of ourselves. But actually, we don’t like this because of our environment, people and education and old traditional set boundaries about our talent and potential.

Everything is changing in our around financially, spiritually, technologically, economically, sexually, and we have to question ourselves for this change.

The thing we have to look into is not just information but our inner power, energy, strength, and capacity to and its use greatly.

Learning and information are just facts. But in reality, it brings nothing. Real change comes from taking the info into action and use. So we have to build the capacity and velocity of bringing the info into our lives and actions.

All have the information but only those people make real changes that put the information into action. And people will put in action when they know who they are. They know themselves. And So self-awareness is the most important topic in our life.

True Self-awareness

Self-awareness is your perspective about yourself. In other words, we can say that it’s self-knowledge about who are you, what is your purpose, what are your values, your talent, potential, beliefs, your habits, your passion, your desires, what you stand for, your thoughts process, and your emotions.

Self-awareness is not just about knowing your emotions but also controlling emotions and thoughts. It’s just accepting yourself in the way you are and taking decisions and choices about your potential, talent, and integrity.

The most important thing in life is not just knowing yourself but also being yourself. Because most people know themselves, but they try to impress others. Because they value other people’s opinions and judgments over their self-values and guts. And so they feel empty and unsatisfied from their inside.

Self-awareness is important because you have to focus on yourself, your values, your strengths. And when you focus on yourself, you will definitely grow.

How to Increase Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is a huge topic, and it takes time to know about the true self. It comes from education, experiences, challenges, and actions. Because through actions and hard work you will know about your weakness, strengths, passion, interests, and personality type.

Going through challenges and hustle will push your emotions and thoughts boundaries. You will realize your unseen power, energy, your weak buttons, and execution methodology.

Going through challenges and hustle you will get the idea about your personality and your basic nature. So the basic formula for self-awareness is trying different and uncomfortable things.

In today’s world, most people have a problem in finding the true self because they don’t follow their inner voice. They just act what other people are doing or what other people are saying to act. And in this way, they are living their life according to other people’s opinions and decisions.

But our life meaning is spending life according to our core values and talent. Using our true creativity, potential, energy and to make a world better for living.


How to Make Yourself Worthy

Worthy Life Trade

Every human being has unlimited power and potential to produce extraordinary results. But the problem is that we have one and short life. This one worthy life we have to spend and trade against things that really valuable and worthy.

But from the environments and traditions, our minds are just prisoners in the boxed around food, home, cars, wife, job, future, fear of old age, etc that we don’t have the time to really think about our selves and our life worth. We don’t have time to focus on our present.

The Worthy Life Trade means giving your life and faculty of life(talent, energy, time, skills, etc) to the things and jobs that are valuable to your life worth. We have to focus and care for things that are worthy of focus.

I am a Poet and writer. I have to think about my life and the things I want to achieve. Are these things are enough worthy of life value? You are spending your time on the job, business, services, etc, and you ever think of this work as a worthy trade to your life value.

If you are watching movies, season, playing games, Party every night, etc then just think that these are enough worth for your life trade.

The trade of life is a big question, and It will bring focus and direction into your life. It will change your life thoughts and mind process and your behavior to all actions that you want to perform.

So what should we need to do is to find our real purpose and mission and then spend our life for a big vision and not just running after a job, girls, money, big car, society rituals, etc?

Today the material things and needs control our life but what we really need to control our thinking and feelings. And so control our life in direction to worthy things and visions we want to accomplish. Make a Worthy choice in the trade of life.

In short, we all have one worthy life, and we need to spend in the way of performing and creating things in the world.


Work creates Results

Ideas are Shit! Only execution matters for success

Ideas are easy and anyone on earth can come with hundreds or thousands of ideas. But ideas bring nothing to the table and so ideas are shit. The real matter is putting the idea into action. Because results and success in life are only possible by putting the ideas into planning and then action.

Most people in our society are in doubt clouds that they all have a million and billion-dollar ideas like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. Yes, your idea is millionaire dollar worth, but it’s of no value until we develop our skills to the million-dollar worth. Because without skills there will be no action or work on our ideas and so no worth or result of our million-dollar idea.

In other words, we can say that we polish and develop our ability and talent and improve our performance skills.  When ideas go through these polished talents and skill set. Then, we will be able to see the real fruit of our ideas and vision.

So without a proper skill set and committed execution, there will no results and so ideas are of no value. In other words, we can say, again that ideas are shit.

I hope this little short guide will help you that results are only possible with work and action. Developing your skills and polishing your potential is the only solution for your million-dollar ideas.

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