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11 Practical Ways To Change Your Mindset

Change Your Mindset

Fear, happiness, ambitions, self-doubts, low/high self-esteem, will, negative/positive emotions, thoughts, etc. all these will create our mindset and perspective about ourselves and life.

And so, a positive self-image, ambitions, emotions, and thought to create a positive mindset, which attracts positive actions and successful results and future.

We can control most of our thoughts and emotions. And it means anyone can change their mindset, perspective, and future.

Shifting your mindset and thinking from negative to positive will keep you focused and motivated for taking action and achieving your goals.

In this post, I am going to share a list f 11 practical ways to shift and change your mindset. And take charge and control of your future and life.

11 Practical Ways To Change Your Mindset

1. You Have Control Over You, Not others

Most people feel inferior and have a low self-image because of other people’s opinions, judgments, and behaviors. It doesn’t matter what other people say or think about you.

And you have no control over other people’s opinions and behaviors. But you have control over your thinking and behavior. And so keeping a positive self-image and worth will make keep positive and motivated for your goals.

2. Don’t Take Every Matter Emotionally or Personally

Our emotions and thinking patterns create actions, and being emotionally disturbed will affect your actions and results.

Stop taking every matter and issue personally and emotionally. Just think for five minutes and analyze the issue and make a plan to handle the circumstances.

This practice will not only keep you positive but also will help you in developing strategic planning and problem-solving, mindset.

3. There is a Good in Every Thing

Instead of blaming or complaining, when you look at the good and positive aspects of every situation, then there is good in everything.

Don’t look at failure as failure, but it’s a source of new learning experience and wisdom. And keep the same behavior and mindset for every area and aspect of life.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We all are unique in talent, potential, and personality types. And therefore, don’t compare your life or success with others.

When you compare your life or success with others, then you feel jealous and will not focus on your actions. You focus on problems and therefore the problem grows with focus.

But when you focus on your actions, then you grow and bring positive results in life.

Just accept yourself,  focus on your actions, do your best in every area of life, and this will give you inner happiness, and long-lasting inner satisfaction.

5. Positive Visualization of Future Life

Positive and worthy visualization of your future self will keep your mind motivated and focused on positivity and growth. Visualization of a glorious future and a positive self-image will prepare your mindset for sacrifices and challenges.

6. Keep the Circle of Positive of People

Your network and circle of people play an important role in your mindset, perspective, and thinking pattern.

Successful people plant the seed of greatness in your mind, while a mediocre circle of people will keep your mind in the prison and bubble of your comfort zone.

7. Practice Mediation and Self-talking

Meditation and self-talking are also a great way to clear your mind and thinking. And replace your negative thoughts with positive and creative thoughts.

Self-talking is not only good for finding inner peace and happiness, but also useful for self-esteem and confidence.

8. Keep the Faith in Your Skills and Potential

When you have faith in yourself, then you focus and take advantage of every opportunity of life. You have the courage and power to face the fear and challenges.

The self-believe mindset will make you unstoppable in every area of life.

9. Stay Optimistic

Future and life will bring things according to your beliefs and expectations from the future. And therefore being optimistic and positive will bring happiness and success in your life.

With an optimistic mindset, you will look for good and positive in every situation and people. And this attitude will attract more happiness and positivity into your life.

10. Affirmation and Journaling

Affirmations and journaling positive words and self-image are also great for changing your thinking about you yourself and your life.

Using positive and productive words will create positive feelings and actions. And which will lead to positive action and results in your life.

11. New Learnings and Experiences

New Learnings and experiences will shift your mindset from less to more negative to positive, and mediocrity to abundance and opportunities.

Learning from books, mentors, and seminars will improve your knowledge, wisdom, and will strengthen your self believe.


Our mindset is the foundation for success, growth, and happiness in life. To change your mindset and thinking pattern, you have to work on your skills, habits, routines, circle of people, and emotional intelligence. Learn here more about self-improvement and personal growth.

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