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11 Ways to Come up With New Content Ideas ( When You are Stuck )

11 Ways to Come up With New Content Ideas ( When You are Stuck )

Creating content is an important part of our business, marketing, and branding. But sometimes we feel stuck and don’t know what type of content to create.

We feel burnout and our minds think that there is nothing more that will grab audience attention and will bring traffic to our blog, pages, and business.

And you don’t need to worry because it’s a normal thing in the content crating process.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 tips and ways to come up with fresh and new content-creating ideas. With these tips and methods, you not only increase your blog and marketing content but also diversify your content for unique sources, changes, and types of traffic available online.

11 Ways to come up with new content ideas, when you are stuck;

1. Answer to Questions

People always ask questions on forums, blogs, groups, etc about unique problems and issues. Creating content about related questions is a great opportunity to attract an audience from these forums and groups.

2. Compare two Products & Services

It’s an easy and fast way to gain the attention of your audience by comparing two products and services. Choose any two products related to your niche and make a comparison checklist and share your opinions is a great way to create new content.

3. Take an Expert’s interview

Conducting expert interviews about a specific niche or topic is also a great way to create new content. Expert interviews will only bring traffic from the content, but it’s also a smart way of influencing marketing to get new traffic and business.

4. Share your Experience

Sharing your experience about a specific service or product is also a good way to create content and grab your audience’s attention.

5. Give Opinions About other people Content

Making and sharing your own opinions and thoughts about other people’s content is also an easy way to create new content. Just try to make your opinions based on true facts and figures.

For example, what you’re thinking about Garvyee quality vs quantity opinions. What you think, about Dan Lok’s copywriting style and high-income skill’s philosophy.

Just get reading and famous topic from your industry and make a content about it with own opinions and facts. Such a topic will create curiosity in your audience and will bring them to your blog and business.

6. Share your Mistake and Failures

Sharing your life problem, mistakes and failures can also be a great way to motivate your audience and win their trust in your content and branding.

Your experience, wisdom, and tips for overcoming problems and getting a certain level of success will emotionally connect the audience with your content. And it will be a magnificent piece of content for your blog and branding.

7. Ask Your audience to share the Content

Content is all about the audience and clients. Taking client opinions ad ideas about content creation is also a great way to come up with fresh new content ideas.

8. Share Weekly and Monthly Reports

Sharing your business, store, or products monthly and weekly reports and data is also a good way to keep your audience engaged with your online business and branding.

9. Create content Reader’s Comments

Creating content about reader’s comments and viewpoints, an easy and smart idea to create new content for your blog and business.

In one way, it builds up the connection and on the other hand, it motivates your audience to comment and interact with you and your content.

10. Explaining a Specific Quote & Advice from Experts

Talking and explaining with your life examples, quotes, and sating by legends is a great way to create content and grab your audience’s attention.

11. Use of Idea generating tools

Using a tool like Potent content makerHubSpot idea generates, etc is also a great way to come up with new content ideas.


Just using these tips and methods will give you content for six months. And creating and researching, you will find a lot more angles to already published content and blog posts.

One extra and bonus tip to come up with fresh con idea google and YouTube suggestion list. Learn here more about blogging and Article Writing content creation ideas.

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