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16 Common Book Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Common Book Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Writing is a passion and also a skill. And we can only improve our skills by practicing them more and more.

But most people just take writing as a passion, and as a beginner, they make a lot of mistakes in the book writing process.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 16 common books writing mistakes to avoid. Just checking on these mistakes in the book writing process will not improve your writing process, but also will help in productivity and creating valuable content.

16 Common Book Writing Mistakes To Avoid

1. Choosing the Wrong Topic

The first and big mistake, most writers make, is that they choose the topic based on the trend or money perspective. And after writing the first two pages, they procrastinate because they don’t feel the joy and creativity in the book writing process.

Money is important, but we should base the topic on our passion, skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience.

When you choose the book topic according to your skills and passion, it gives inner motivation and will to keep working and writing with joy and pleasure.

Every new page will give you inner power and energy for the next page.

2. Trying to be perfect

Most writers procrastinate and waiting for the right moments, situations, or information. Because they want to create their first page to be perfect, but in reality, there is no perfection.

You can improve your writing by practicing. And the more you write more qualitative your writing will become with time.

But waiting for the perfect page or resources is nothing more than a waste of time, focus, or self-deception.

3. Self Proofreading of the book

W can’t find our own mistakes in the way other people can find them easily. But most of the new writers depend on the self proofreading of books.

There are a lot of online resources like Fiverr, Upwork, or networking communities, where we can easily book proofread services for free and at a reasonable cost.

Good proofreading will not only remove errors from your book but also will help in improving your skills for coming books and projects.

4. Ignoring The value proposition of the content

People will only pay money for your book when there is valuable information and content in the book.

Most people just focus on the money perspective and therefore, after publishing the book, they sell just 50 books including purchases by friends and family members.

In the book writing process, our first and top priority should be to creating amazing and valuable content. The more quality and unique content we provide to the readers, the more money we will make.

But our focus should be on creating amazing content for the book, and not on the money.

5. Ignoring The Importance of Title and Cover

Today most of the books are sold on online digital platforms like Amazon, Kobo, or barns and noble.

On these digital platforms, the title and cover play an important role in attracting the viewers and persuading them to purchase the book.

With the boring and meaningless title and no one will click on your book and there will no sales and profit.

6. Not Writing Every day

We can improve our writing by more and more. It helps not only in improving our productivity but also helps in building the mind flow with pen and pages.

But most writers ignore the writing practice and when they sit for writing, they have no idea how to start, and even if they start, they feel tired and exhausted after writing a single page.

7. Not Reading Every day

Reading not only improves our knowledge and wisdom, but also helps us in analyzing the writing of brilliant authors.

But most writers take reading as a boring job, and they have no idea about good writing.

And so they never create valuable content.

8. Writing and Editing the Content at the Same Time

Writing and editing at the same time not only affect your writing flow, but also ruin your creativity and productivity.

The best and smart way of writing is just to focus on writing your first drop without caring for good or bad.

And then, after taking a break, comes for editing.

With this practice, you will not only create your first page creatively, but also your editing will be effective and significant.

9. Use of Long Sentences and Lengthy paragraphs

Lengthy sentences and paragraphs confuse the readers,  and instead of getting information, they will close your book forever.

Short sentences and small paragraphs will help in an easy understanding of your message and the reader will enjoy your book

10. Not Using Grammarly and LanguageTool

Grammarly and Language tool are free and amazing tools that will help you in avoiding grammar and spelling mistakes and build the right sentence structure.

11. Jumping over Cool Fresh ideas

Jumping over every new and catchy idea is not creativity but procrastination, and in the end, you will get nothing

Because, an old saying, the man running after two rabbits will catch none.

Without completing your current project, never start writing and working on the next idea. If new ideas pop-ups in your mind, just note for the next time and keep your focus on the current project and idea.

12. Less research and data collection

Data and research are also a part of the book writing process. Most new writers take it as a waste of time, and after watching a few videos on YouTube, they think their research is complete.

13. Writing without Outlines and Structure

Writing is a creative process, like music and painting. And without proper structure and planning, you will always be confused in the middle.

Laying out your book structure and outlines will help you to keep in one direction and also will improve your productivity and creativity.

14. Not learning from Other influential writers

The fast and smart way of learning anything in life is just following the routine and steps of mentors and legends in the field and the same is the case for writing.

Just following the system and steps of influential writers will turn and improve your writing’s creativity and productivity.

15. Waiting for the perfect start

There will be no perfect start than now. If you just start writing now, then it’s a perfect start and time.

Waiting for the perfect time is the waste of time.

But just starting how and what you can, will help you in finding the perfect start for your book.

16. Appeal to Distraction

Attraction to the distraction, like checking emails, notifications, etc, not only affects your productivity and focus but also makes your mind for procrastinating.

And again, you will never find the time to complete your present-day tasks.


With everyday reading and writing practice, we can improve our book writing system. Following the steps of prominent writers is also a smart way to avoid book writing mistakes and add creativity and uniqueness to your book content. Learn here more about book writing and general writing tips and skills.

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