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Dan Lok 15 Famous Rules/Saying for Getting Money & Rich

dan lok money rules

Dan Lok is the spirit and soul for the young entrepreneurs. His accent and way of communication so influencing and pursuing and that’s why he is called the King of High-Ticket Closing. He is the owner and founder of the High-Ticket Close Certificate Program. Its global organization of men and women from over 127+ countries who help businesses how to close high-ticket offers.

Dan Lok is the living example of not giving up and consistency and commitment. After Getting failed in thirteen businesses, he tastes his first success in 2000. His books are famous among young for changing mindset and getting high-income skills. All his young followers are trying hard to get their F.U money and get retirement at a young age.  He has 1 million plus Subscriber on YouTube, 1 million Plus Followers on Instagram and 600k plus followers on Twitter.


Books Written by Dan Lok

  1. the new upcoming book, Unlock it
  2. Influence!: 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use To Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect
  3. f u money
  4. Email Marketing Madness!: How To Compel Your Subscribers to Open Your Emails And Take Action Now
  5. Art of War for the New Millennium
  6. The Prosperity Factor: How To Achieve Unlimited Wealth in Every Area of Your Life
  7. Instant Information Products!: How To Generate Money-Making Info-Product Ideas in 60 Seconds or Less!
  8. The Midas Touch: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Winning Big in Business & Life
  9. Lies Salon Owners Believe: And the Truth That Sets them Free

Dan Lok 20 Famous Saying For Success and Getting Rich

  1. “Save yourself, before you try yo save the world”

  2. “Fail yourself again and again until you know yourself”

  3. “If you don’t sacrifice for your dream, then your dream become your sacrifice” 

  4. “Poor People get paid on time, Rich People get paid on results”

  5. “If you are Broke, you don’t have money problems, actually you have skills Problems. Money Problems are solved by your intelligence & skillet”

  6. “Thinking is the most valuable, but literally hardest thing i know. Its because of thinking, made what i am today. Thinking made the Dan Lok”

  7. “Don’t wait. Nobody will come save you. Go and make your F.U Money”

  8. “Don’t chase money. If you chase money you will never have it. Stay at ease and focus on your products and results and money will come at ease”

  9. “Once you know How to close, you will know to create income on demand, you know how to make money”

  10. “Rich people always willing to learn. Asking to get more knowledge. Reading Books to continuously learn”

  11. “The game of business is not for weak. The Game of business is for people with commitment and do whatever it takes”

  12. “Rich People have action mentality. What i will become in life, its all on my actions. Only my actions will make me successful”

  13. “You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to take the actions, things to do and risk to face, that you are uncomfortable with”

  14. “one of the most powerful tool, one of the most powerful mindset in life and business, has clarity. Clarity is power. Power to take actions”


Let me know through comments, what is your Dan Lok Best saying for Getting success and money in life.

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