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7 Simple Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

If you notice in your around, most people, from morning to evening will complain, blaming and talking only problems. All they will talk about the problems from family, job, money, friends, office, boss, business, community, city, news, media, politics, etc.

There is a simple law of nature that what kind of words and language you use, or things you speak, focus on, and spend your energy, such things you will attract and experience in your life and environment.

And because of the negative focus, and words, most people stay in stress, depression, and anxiety all day, even with all kinds of resources and richness.

According to Eckhart Tolle“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

If we just make a minor change and shift in our language and angle of thinking. And instead of problems, we focus our minds on good and solutions, then the entire world will change for us.

In the early morning, we just open our eyes with thanks, It will bring inner peace in our inner world and happiness and positivity in our surroundings.

This shift of language and thinking will change your overall mindset and perspective about the future and life. This shift of changing and thinking is gratitude.

What is an Attitude of Gratitude?

An Attitude of gratitude is accepting yourself, your life, and your conditions. Instead of blaming and complaining, looking for a good, focusing on your talent and available resource, and creating positive results within your life.

With gratitude, you will celebrate and appreciate every small thing in your life and will only for opportunity and positivity. When you focus on good, then instead of waiting and complaining, you will take action and bring the results.

Instead of regretting, with an attitude of gratitude, you will take responsibility and make things happen in your life. It will keep you mentally healthy, and you will enjoy your life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 7 ways to shift and change your mindset to an attitude of gratitude. With these simple tips and ways, instead of blaming, you will take charge of your life and attract only positivity and prosperity in your life.

7 Simple Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

1. Morning Gratitude Journal

Just listing 5 to 10 things, every morning in your journal, from your life that you are thankful for, will shift your entire perspective about your life and yourself. You will think and consider yourself the most blessing person on earth.

Just listing your eyes, ears, hands, feet, health, breathing, home, People, friends, family, knowledge, wisdom, etc. will make you the happiest person on the earth. And instead of problems, you will only talk and focus on happiness, creativity, and solutions.


2. Self-Talking and Your Inner Treasure

Sometimes because of being busy, we lose connection with our true self, talent, and power. Because of the media, outside environment, and situations, we forget about inner treasures and potential.

Every morning, Just sitting with closed eyes for 10 minutes and focusing on your mind, inner-self, and talent. Forget about everything in the outer world, your position, job, family, etc. And take focus your mind on your true self.

This exercise will help you that your problems are of no value against your talent and inner wisdom. You have the power and potential to change not only to change your life but of the people and community around you. This shifting attitude will make you a change-maker and action taker.

3. Share Kindness and Blessing With Others

There will be people in your community, or around, that will think and take your life as their dream life. Their biggest dream will be just to live a lifestyle like yours.

And therefore, instead of blaming and complaining, stay grateful for what you have and start sharing your kindness and love with other people.

Just helping, sharing, and lifting other people in your around will give an abundance mindset and priceless happiness and enjoyment.

4. Keeping the Circle of positive People

Your circle of network and people play an important role in developing your mindset and perspective. In the circle of positive, creative, and productive people you will feel more grateful and happier.

You will focus on opportunities and will take action to create results and success in your life.


5. Changing Negative into Positive

Just changing your thinking about things will change the result and outcome of everything in your life. Looking for the good in incidents, tracking opportunities in problems, and finding lessons in failures will make the most productive, creative, and happy person on the earth.

6. Playing With Children’s

Playing with children will not only feel you happier and stress-free. But also make you able to think creatively and be productive. All kids play and act without judgment.

Adopting just one habit of a kid, thinking out of the box and without judgment, will make you more grateful and powerful. It will motivate you that your talent and potential are greater than problems’ and you can overcome and create solutions for all issues in your life.

7. Embrace Nature

Just a simple walk in nature, listening to birds, or smelling flowers, will make you stress-free and release your negative feelings.

Just breathe, absorb natural fresh air, look the beauty around, and you will forget about your overwhelming deadlines or tasks. Instead of rush, you will feel yourself in peace and prosperity.


The shift of attitude from scarcity to abundance, from less to more, negative into positive, and from complaining to taking personality will keep you more productive, happy, and grateful. Gratitude is an action thing, and therefore we can only make it part of our lives by taking action and practice. Learn here more about Self-improvement and Growth

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