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Digital Products; An Easy Way To Earn Passive Income in 2019

Digital Products; An Easy Way To Earn Passive Income

Well, there are hundreds of ways to make money online and some of them are passive income streams. But, from last few years digital products completely changes the way people make money and doing business. Its because all these products are easily available to everyone on the internet worldwide without extra cost and effort. The greatest thing about digital products is that they are easy to duplicate and to deliver so there is no junk of shipping or another related cost or tax burden. So your first focus will be on creating a valuable product and then just doing the right marketing and duplicating and making money for a lifetime.

Digital Products include goods like sound clips, music, books, courses, photographs, apps, designs templets, etc. You can market and sell these digital products from a self-hosted platform or from online market places and they will do marketing and will handle all sending and money collection. In return, these platforms will cut just some portion of sell as commission for themselves. Below I am discussing some common digital products through which people are making millions of $$ every year.

  • Photos and Video clips

People are always interested in new fantastic video clips and photos from worldwide. Not every director, blogger, marketer or photographer can visit the whole world but they always in need of photos and clips that can help them in their content and project creations. So they buy these photos and video clips online. Using your goods can save their time and maybe, these are most of these items are more relevant to their need for projects. You need just a camera or smart mobile phone with a good quality camera and one-click take a photo, upload at the market or self-hosted site and make money, boom. Famous markets for selling photos and video clips are Istock, Pond5, shutter stocketc.

  • Digital Music and Sounds

Artist and label owners making millions online from music-related dashboards like Music library, sound clips or just music random sounds. People need music or sound for ads, games, Tv shows, albums, short films, documentaries, movies, and videos, etc. There are hundreds of an online platform for this music services which royalty to music owners for downloading or streaming their music library. People selling their sound kits or beats from self-hosted sites and platforms.

  • Templets designs

Like music this one of the largest online category in digital products. This includes themes for major websites platforms words, Wix, Shopify, etc. Its also included a designed theme for video editing software and many temples based apps. These themes save people time and make their content valuable and significant.

  • Information Products

This includes online course, audio-video training, ebooks and much more. Its needs skills, time and effort to develop but it brings a lot of money in return. The more valuable is your product the more money you will receive for your product and services. The price of an online course can from $50 to $2000 depending on the knowledge and content in the course. These products can self-hosted or can be available for sell on market places like Amazon, Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

I hope this article will be your guide to the Digital products and soon you will start making online passive income from one of the above methods as a creating and selling digital products. Good Luck.

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