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Don’t Let Yourself be Controlled by These Four Things ( Control Your Life )

Don't Let Yourself be Controlled by These Four Things ( Control Your Life )

There are many things in our life that are controlled by the outer world. But when you start allowing yourself to be controlled for everything ( Important decisions ) from the outside world, then you will never grow in life.

It’s because you are not living’ your life on your own terms and choices. You are busy making outer happy and satisfied. Your life is your responsibility and so it should be in your control. Your goals, Vision, ideas, etc should be from your internal control.

When you don’t take and make decisions according to your own learnings, will, and skills then you stop living in life because you are planning and thinking according to other people thinking and experiments.

In this post, I am going to share a list of four things that control you and your life. If you want to succeed and grow in this life, then you must not allow these 4 things to control your visions, dreams, goals, and power of making decisions.

Don’t Let Yourself be Controlled by These Four Things;

1. Other people Opinions and Judgements

There is an old saying that you can’t satisfy and make happy all the people. When you satisfy other people’s wishes and dreams instead of self-happiness then you are destroying your-self-potential and value. You will be spending life with no self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is one of the big reasons for our people making and taking the wrong steps. Our fear of other people’s opinions stops our minds from creativity and thinking out of the box.

The greatest tip to stop worrying about other people’s opinions is that your life is your responsibility. You are answerable for your actions and not other people. And it’s your duty to live life under your talent, skills, and wishes.

2. Condition and Circumstance

There is no doubt the outside conditions and situations (city, country, industry, etc) have an effect on our life, but it’s totally in our control how we react in these conditions and situations.

What going outside is not in our control but how we will react to this situation is in our control. We need not allow our outer conditions to control our life direction.

3. Your Past

Most of our people are spending their lives according to past decisions, mistakes, failures, poor relationships, etc. From their past mistakes, they build the mindset that they will never succeed in life.

Such people may be busy in the present on big goals, but they’re keeping and carrying their past life in the pocket, and so they don’t focus on present actions and results.

There is always something good in every situation, and with this principle, we can change the meaning of past actions and mistakes. Instead of looking at the negative side, we can learn from the past and can change our future actions and decisions.

We all should learn to forget past mistakes. It’s because we can’t achieve a great future by carrying the past on our shoulders.

4. Your Money

Money is for our service and so never allow money to control your life and choices. But in today’s world money controls most people because they are making all choices based on making, getting, and trade of money.

When money controls you, then it means you will only care about profit and loss, not about goals, life, wisdom, self-growth, and service to other people. You will ignore your self-value and worth forgetting and making money.

There is an old saying that tries to be the master of the money, otherwise, the money will be your master, and you will be like a slave.

The principal purpose of this that our life control should in our inner self and outer world. Let me know through your comments what are other things are controlling us from outside.

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