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Earn Money From Organic Farming of Tomatoes

earn money organic farming tomatoes

The Population of this world is growing rapidly and resources are depleting. Getting access to fresh food is a hard job nowadays and this world needs small scale, organic farmers. Every person is in a hurry to earn money through shortcuts and the big farmers with the use of fertilizers and pesticides have made vegetables unhealthy. Imagine the only healthy thing on this planet known as vegetables is now unhealthy all because of excessive use of chemicals. In this article, I will help you how to earn money from the organic farming of tomatoes. Tomatoes price goes are 3$ to 6$ a kg in the American market and you can start organic farming of tomatoes from your backyard.

earn 50$ a day from organic farming of tomatoes

 Soil and Water test

The basic thing to do before going into agriculture business is to know your land and water. Dug up the soil of your land up six inches and test that sand from a sand testing lab near you. Same is the case with water, also test the water you will give your plants.

soil and water tests
Earn Money From Organic Farming of Tomatoes

In this way, you can have the maximum yield from crops. The results of the testing lab will tell you which minerals are lacking in your soil and water. This way you will know the type of minerals you need for the maximum output.

Minimize the cost

In order to minimize the cost always buy seeds instead of seedlings(small plants). Seedlings will cost way more from seeds. You can grow your own plants from seeds which is the most economical way.

grow tomatoes from seeds instead of seedlings
Earn Money From Organic Farming of Tomatoes

Know your seasons and weather conditions

You should keep yourself updated on the weather conditions of your area and the seasons of growing crops. While growing in the backyard the best season is the spring season. You can plant the seeds in winters by using tunnel farming techniques and when the spring comes you can remove the tunnels for sunlight.

weather conditions suitable for growing tomatoes
Earn Money From Organic Farming of Tomatoes

By keeping in touch with weather conditions you will know when it will rain which will help you with irrigation.

Using organic fertilizers

This is an important part of organic farming of tomatoes. To make your soil fertile, animal manure is recommended. It is less in cost and works perfectly fine. You can have the best yield with animal manure and enjoy healthy vegetables.

organic fertilizers
Earn Money From Organic Farming of Tomatoes

Not only you are contributing to the wellness of this planet, but also making a healthy choice for yourself and your customers.

How to sell tomatoes

Selling your crop is the easiest part of all. If you are growing tomatoes in your backyard then let your neighbors and other people in the street know that you sell organic tomatoes. Word gets out about you and boom! you have customers, people love organic food and it’s becoming popular culture nowadays.

If you are doing it on a big scale then you can contact farmers markets and local restaurants for supplying them tomatoes. There are a lot of varieties of tomatoes but the most preferred one is globe tomatoes which are large, round and red used in Pizza, curry, burgers, and almost every food item.

The other kind is Cherry tomatoes which are mostly used in salads and sells at a higher rate than the big red tomatoes.

Find local restaurants who serve fresh food and contact them for their demand for tomatoes. If you thin you can cover their demand, get in an agreement with them and start supplying. It is good if you become the sole supplier of business because you don’t have to worry about selling. All your produce goes to one place and you have to collect cheques.

I hope you liked my article about organic farming of tomatoes. In this article, I tried to keep it straight and simple so you don’t get confused. Keep visiting our website and we at the always value feedback.





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