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eBook-How to Write, Publish Your First eBook on KDP

how to write and publish first book on amazon kindle

Well, in today time everyone knows about the use and benefits of e-books. In old times you have to struggle for publishing a book. but, now you have to struggle, just in writing a book and then after this, everything is like chewing chocolate.

Yes, I am serious. I am talking about KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It’s an easy way to publish your book and earn for the rest of your life.

I know writing a book is not easy but, I here I will share with my studies and research how anyone can write a book and can publish, to earn money.

Below are the Few steps you have to take for self KDP book publishing.

1.Book Topic

Here two ways to choose the book topic;

  1. More Profitable Niche
  2. Your passion and knowledge

Finding a more selling and profitable niche is easy from the Amazon store. You will go through Amazon Best selling books list for the last 2 years and then select the one niche-topic of your interest.

Sometimes, You just don’t want to write a book for money, but you care for your interest and passion. You put knowledge in of your passion and experience. This book is more profitable and appreciable but it needs time to make a place in the market.

2.Write a Book

Writing a book is the most difficult and challenging process of self-publishing. You have to read and research hundreds of other books. You have to attend seminars, webinars and courses to get new some extra knowledge.

Editing a book, again and again, is a boring process. You have to hire someone for proofreading of book. Correcting mistakes and rearranging book content needs a lot of hard work and care.

When the book is free from all mistakes and errors, convert it into Right format of e-Pub for Kindle Direct Publishing.

3. KDP

When the book is ready in written form, onward Publishing a book is easy to process. Just sign-up for KDP and fill the required information like address, city, country, contact number, bank, and tax information.

The last step, just upload the book and press publish it. After reviewing your book, your book will be live on Amazon Kindle Within 24 to 48 Hours. Congratulation.

4.Selling & Marketing

In today social media world selling and marketing a product is not a big deal. You can reach easily to thousands of people with a low cost of Facebook and, Instagram advertisements.

You can also offer a discount on your book for the first month, and after getting a good ranking, later you can charge the original price for your book.

I hope this post will be helpful for new Kindle Direct Publishers. Kindly let me know through your comments. Good luck with your first Book.

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