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19 Effective Strategies for Business Success and Growth (Take Your Business to The Next Level)

19 Effective Strategies for Business Success and Growth (Take Your Business to The Next Level)

According to Simon Sinek, “Business is an infinite game and continuous process. But if you are playing this game with finite rules like just focusing on sales and profit for one quarter or a year, then you and your business will lose in the long run.”

Business and entrepreneurship are not just about looking cool, making money, being self-boss, or digital world-famous getting freedom. But it’s all about the impact, change, challenges, and creation of value.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 19 practical strategies for business success and growth. With the application of these steps and strategies, your business will not only be unique from the competitors.

But also, your business will be an example for other people. And other people in the industry will copy your style. According to Garyvee, “when people try to copy your style, it means you are doing and so you don’t need to worry.”

So let’s jump into the 19 practical strategies and make every business adventure impactful and significant.

19 Practical Strategies for Business Success and Growth

1. Invest in Yourself and Work on Your Self-awareness

Before starting or investing in any business, you need to invest in yourself and work on your skills and self-awareness. The Discovery of your talent will be your key and foundation for your business success and growth.

The more you make yourself worthy and valuable, polish your skills, and try different things, the more leadership qualities you will acquire.

When you know about your strengths, your personality, and your passion, then it will be really easy to choose the right purpose and why for your business.

2. Never Start a Business Without Clear Purpose And Why

If you can’t say or explain in a few sentences your business’ why or purpose, then you don’t need to start such a business.

Businesses without a clear goal and purpose will always be in danger because in problems and challenging times you will be with no direction. And you will make choices just to get out of the situation and problems not to building the business for a specific why and purpose.

But with an apparent purpose and why problems and the dangerous situation will help you in strengthening your business.

There will be problems and difficulties, but when you know your destination and then you will always make the choices that will help you in the long-term growth of your business and accomplishing your business purpose.

3. Simple But Impactful, Emotional, and Engaging Marketing

Your business marketing should not be about your products, service, or business claims. But it should be about the purpose, the change, the challenges, the impact, and the solutions your business will create for the world.

When your marketing is about change and value, not about products feature or benefits, then people will relate themselves to your business. And they will feel proud by doing business with you.

Simple but effective and impactful marketing will make your customer part of your business’s mission and purpose.

4. Empowering Your Team Members

According to Simon Sinek, ” As a business leader, you are not responsible for the results, you are responsible for the people, who are creating the results.”

But in today’s world, there is a big problem in corporate and business culture. Business owners, self-called  Leaders, love to press and give orders to employees. Most of people just start a business to sit on a chair and act like a cool boss.

But actually, the long-term success, growth, and development of your business totally depend on your team members’ progress and growth.

Instead of pressing, we have to empower our team members, and listen to their ideas, problems, and make the work easy for them. We have to build a corporate culture that ensures safety, security, and work as a family.

Being family together means we stay true, honest, and loyal to the purpose of the business. We help each other, look for each other back, and empower one another to make the purpose of business standing and valuable.

5. Learning from Mentors and Coaches

The smart and fast way to business success and growth is learning from the experience and expertise of mentors and coaches.

Working and following the lesson and steps of your mentors and coaches will not stop you from making mistakes. But also will guide you with wisdom and knowledge that will bring more results with low effort and in less time.

The circle of coaches and mentors will shift your mindset from short-term benefit to long-term success and impact of your business.

6. Stay Creative and Think Out of The Box

You will never bring change by copying other people. But your change, greatness, and success in business start with creativity and thinking out of the box. Thinking in your own way and style.

You can take inspiration from others, and learn from competition, but never try to copy other people in your industry.

According to Eric Thomas, “You will never be a good copycat and soon you will out from the race.”

For change and grantees, you have to create and start the movement according to your own way.

You have to think out of the box and according to your strengths; you have to bring the values and solutions to the market. And in this way, you will not only be successful but also you will be unique and an example for others.

7. Don’t Do Everything by Yourself

What is the big actual difference between a boss and a genuine leader?

A Boss always tries to do everything by himself. He will try to design the product, creating ads, hiring the team, talking about the marketing budget and campaign, etc, etc.

But a genuine leader will just focus on one thing according to his strength, unique talent, skills, and expertise.

A leader just sets a core value for the organization, and everyone according to his own skills, expertise, and duty tries to work according to the core values of the organization.

For more creativity, productivity, and effective leadership in business, don’t put your hand in everything.

Just look and focus on things you are an expert about it. And let the other things for experts in their respective fields.

8. Take Responsibility for the Results and Situations

For greatness and success, you have to take responsibility not only for your actions and results. But for the people under your commend.

If your team is not performing well, then it’s your duty to create an environment and provide the facilities that they act at peak productivity and creativity.

Just giving orders and orders and expecting significant results, without listening to your team members’ problems, will never bring change and results.

Creating inspirational and change creating organization, you have to build a family relationship within the organization. You have not just to focus on giving orders and expecting fast results.

But, the genuine change will start, by taking care of one of the problems of your team members, making the environment and job easy, and taking responsibility for their safety and security.

With this system of organization, your team member will not produce the expected result, but also they will love to sacrifice everything for the organization.

9. Open Communication

Being a leader, first, you have to master the skill of communication. A Communication skill that will push and persuade your team member for the why and purpose of business. A skill that will not only focus on giving orders and talking but also understands the power of effective listening.

For building an amazing and impactful organization, there should be open communication between the organization. By open communication, I don’t mean just disturbance and talking any time to everyone with no set pre-schedule or timeframe.

There should be set boundaries and timeframes, but every person in the organization should be open to sharing ideas and problems with anyone with no rank or authority.

This kind of open communication will not only help in building and understanding the team members. But also give a responsibility to every team member to perform at their best and get the best possible results.

10. Organize Your Time

As a Business leader and owner, your time is truly precious. And therefore you have to organize your time to make the best of every second of your time.

Being organized will not only help you in productivity, but also will inspire your team to be organized and focus on their respective jobs.

11. Focus on Daily Deadlines and Goals

We can’t achieve big goals in one day, but with division, we can break our big goals into small pieces. And then just focus on each day’s goals and objectives.

Just accomplishing your each day goal means you are going each day closer to your big goal and purpose of the business.

Setting and achieving daily goals will not only improve your productivity, but also will boost your motivation and morale for the next day.

12. Working Hard and Keep the Patience

You have to outwork not only team members but also your competition, and then you will create the space for your ideas, purpose, message, solutions, and why.

Sometimes you will not get the result soon and fast but, you have to stay optimistic, show patience, and keep working hard.

When you focus on the long-term game and keep the head down in working hard, then your success is guaranteed, and you will be unstoppable.

13. Work on Personal Branding

Personal branding not only helps you in business leveraging but also keeps the people emotionally engaged with your business why and purpose.

You can improve personal branding by giving services in the community, charity, public speaking, attending seminars, networking events, posting content online on social media, etc.

14. Read Biographies of Outstanding Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Reading books and researches about prominent leaders and entrepreneurs like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, etc, will change your perspective and mindset about business and life.

Knowledge and wisdom about outstanding leaders will not only inspire you. But also will give you the courage that with your own unique way and talent, you can also achieve greatness and success and bring a change in the world.

15. Take Advantage of Internet Marketing

Today marketing is simple and effective because of the internet. In the internet’s world, marketing is not only a cost or with money but there hundreds of ways to free marketing for business.

Creating amazing, engaging, entraining, and valuable content and resources for your customers and peeper will not only help in but also online branding and trust-building with customers.

Offering free samples to your customers through the internet and taking feedbacks will not only help you in the growth of products and services.

But also will help you in understanding your customer need, and demands, and you will deliver the services according to the problems of your customers.

16. Investing In Your Team Members

Your business success and growth depend on your team members’ growth and skill set.

And therefore you have to invest in your team members’ mentality, skill set, and training to make them valuable for future challenges and adventures.

Making your team members used to new technology, changes, and resources will not only make them powerful and confident, but this will also help in boosting your business progress and growth.

17. Prepare for Worst in Advance

90% of the entrepreneurs give up their business in the first five years of start-up.

And the big reason for giving up that only thinks about what the business will achieve and what profit they will make. In other words, they will only plan and think about the things that will work and possible results and output.

But they never think or plan about the unfair and unpleasant incidents or things that can happen in business.

And there when they come across unseen and unplanned problems and situations, they don’t know how to overcome them, and they just prefer to give up.

For long-term success and growth of the business, you have to prepare yourself from the beginning. Just think, the worst possible situations and then plan how you will control these situations.

This kind of plannings will not help you in taking control of your future, but also in bad times, you will know how to control things in advance.

18. Tracking Your Progress

Doing an audit and tracking the progress of your teammates, planning, and operations are really important for a true understanding of business.

Audit of your business planning will not only help you to avoid wrong strategies and actions but also give you clue which are is wrong and which need focus and improvements.

Weekly and monthly check on your progress is really important for stopping your business in the wrong direction. And improving the strategies that are not working.

19. Regular Check on Your Cashflow and Expenses

Most of the business gives up not because of a lack of planning, idea, or team members. But actually, running out of cash.

At the beginning of the business, most of the people have capital and money and then spend on irregular expenses and things just to make or look business office cool.

And when they run out of cash, start taking loans or bad debts occurs, their business shut down.

Business money or capital is only for business and only business expenses.

As a leader and business owner, you have to keep a regular check on your business cash flow and expense. And avoid all kinds of expenses that are directly or indirectly for business growth and success.


Business is a continuous journey and for growth in this continuous journey, you have to continuously work on your personal development and growth.

You have to invest not only in yourself but also in your team members and build the family culture in the business environment. And in this way, your team will work for your business why and purpose like their own why.

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