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11 Reasons Why Email is a Powerful Marketing Tool

11 Reasons Why Email is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Social media platforms and marketing change the picture and industry of marketing.

Even so, with all these changes, email marketing is still a powerful way to grow your business, sales, and branding.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 11 reasons why email marketing is still a powerful tool for your business marketing and growth.

11 Reasons Why Email is a Powerful Marketing Tool;

1. Direct Relationship with The Customers and Consumers

Your e-mail list helps in understanding and developing a direct relationship with your customers and clients.

When your consumer signs up for your e-mail list, it means they are interested in your business.

And just with a little push and more persuading content, you can attract them to your purchasing.

2. You Can track Your Audience Attraction and Interest

Analytics of your e-mail marketing campaign will help you with what’s type of content is working and what types of content need improvements and changes.

3. Relevant and Personalized Marketing

The one best and unique thing about e-mail marketing that you create the offer and content based on your consumer interests and behaviors.

From data and analytics, you divide your customers into many groups and then target each group with different types of offers and content based on their Behaviors and interest.

4. Best Way to Improve Your Products

Asking your target customers about the product’s advantages, disadvantages, and what kind of changes customers want to see, will not only help you in improving your products and services.

But also, give you the ideas for creating and adding products into the business.

5. Low Cost

The starting cost of E-mail marketing is very low.

Just around with the cost of $30 you can email marketing platforms like A WeberMailchimp, etc to reach 5000 targeted customers each day with different offers and content.

6. Your e-mail List is Your Asset Under Control

If you have millions of followers on social media platforms like the Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. And by any incident one of these platforms shuts down the business or closes your page or business profile, you will be at zero.

But there are no such conditions or situations with your email list.

Your email list is under control and when you want to offer them new content or products, it’s all will be under your hands.

7. Direct Action Oriented

Through e-mail marketing, you know about the behavior of your customers.

And therefore, you will send the e-mails direct call-to-action and closing the deal.

8. It’s a Convenient and Instant Way of Communication

Over 70% of the world population are using Mobile phones with smart features. And it’s a great opportunity to present your branding in front of the eyes ball of your customers.

Through e-mail marketing, it’s really easy to keep updating your customer with recent changes, products, and services just with one click of buttons.

Mobile phones user open the e-mail with their interest and look for new offers and discounts.

9. Bring Fast and Immediate Results

In other types of marketing, it takes time to find the right targeted clients and attract them to offers.

But in e-mail marketing, you have a list of your targeted customer, and just present the offer. And within 24 hours you will see the results.

10. Best Way to Test New Products

Before launching new products and offer in the market openly, e-mail marketing is the best way to test it with your targeted customers and clients.

If they loved and appreciate it, then it’s a great product.

But, if they reject it, then you need to change and improve your product, before launching in the open market.

11. Easy to Start

Emil making is really easy to start. You don’t need a big team or technical skills for business e-mail marketing.

Watch 2 videos at the end of the post about…

How to start email marketing?

How to grow your email list.?


No one can deny the importance of email marketing because it brings direct profits, results, and high ROI. It’s a powerful tool for branding and reaching your targeted customers. Learn here more about internet marketing tips and skills.

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