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Excuses are Nothing but Self-deception

Excuses are Nothing but Self-deception

People making excuses are actually able of nothing. People With low character, skills, and confidence make excuses. It’s too early for me, I am too young,  there are no good business opportunities, our city suck, Our family situation is not good, my education system is backward, I don’t have a business background, I don’t have enough resources, what will people say  if I failed, its too late for me and blah blah blah. That’s all stopping you from being successful. Excuses are just self-doubt before knowing who you really are. Its pushing self back from more opportunities and choices. Making excuses like you are choosing failure over success and you are placing yourself in people that even don’t try to for their ideas.

                What will happen if you failed?. There no lose in failing only learning. Just getting know that the way I tried is not the right way, that’s all.  But listen, in reality, failure is the first step to success. Failing self, again and again, is the greatness. You just need to kill your self-doubt. If you can’t use the resources that you have, you will cant have the resources that want to have. Telling people that you are nothing or have nothing to start, makes self low in your eyes. If you are not happy financially, you don’t like your city situation, you don’t have enough skills and education, just stop complaining and do something about. Just knowing that excuses are nothing but bullshit.

                You have knowledge, skills and time but you fear of facing challenges. Success is not like you get in the morning and you are rich or you have a big house. But its start with doing again and again. It’s one life so you have to make the best out of it. You have to get out to get for your self. Once dan Lok said, “excuses are nothing but a well-planned lie”.

                So here is the conclusion, do what you want to do and fail your self again and again in the field you want to be extraordinary.  If you don’t want to face the challenges then okay, start your excuses, good luck.

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