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How to be Extraordinary in Life? ( 35 Tips )

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You will see people around complaining that life is full of problems, life is not fair, life is hard, and blah blah. If you are living like a victim and reactive that then life will be never easy for you. To build and have an extraordinary life, you have to live life as an active person. The person who attacks the situation and changes it.

There will be obstacles in problems, but you have to face them with grace. You have to build the mindset that these problems will make you better. You don’t have to complain about a lack of resources, opportunities, or talent. But you have to work and build what you want from what you have.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 35 simple tips to live an extraordinary life. Just adding these into your daily routine and life will change your mindset and perspective about life.

35 Tips to Live an Extraordinary Life

  1. Exercise every day to keep yourself healthy and energetic.
  2. Always keep the attitude of gratitude.
  3. Your hands create your destiny.
  4. The habit of Book reading and especially, biographies of great people like Ghandi and Nelson Mandela, etc
  5. Every night before bed, plan for the next day.
  6. Don’t just work for money, but a big purpose and why.
  7. Know Your Strengths and work on them.
  8. Travel more to learn more about culture and people.
  9. Believe that your life matters.
  10. Speak less, and listen more
  11. Live in the present moment
  12. Always respect and honor your parents and teachers.
  13. Always Focus on the Positive aspects of everything in life.
  14. Never complain about your life and problems in front of other people.
  15. Build strong habits of focus.
  16. Know your purpose and goals.
  17. Spend Time in nature
  18. Be thankful for your family
  19. Always treat others the way you wanted to treat
  20. Use of social media for a constructive purpose.
  21. Improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally every day.
  22. Learn from coaches and mentors.
  23. Build strong Morning habits
  24. Strong Love for discomfort
  25. Always Keep the smile on your face
  26. Keep the circle of impressive people.
  27. Problems are just part of life.
  28. Always forgive.
  29. Less consumption of TV and News
  30. Be passionate about life and your purpose
  31. Always celebrate small wins
  32. Be the best person You Know.
  33. Be patient
  34. Don’t waste time and energy on other people, opinions, and critics.
  35. Keep the mindset, that life is full of opportunities.


God created all people with talent and the main purpose, and the job is to find our talent and do our best. Just with simple daily habits and routines, we can take charge of the life. We can build a life that will be an example for so many people. But one simple thing, we all have to master self-control. Control to focus on the main purpose and goal of life. And then we will be unstoppable in life.

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