6 Factors That Affect Website Speed ( Improve Blog Pages Speed )

( Improve Blog Pages Speed )

Page Speed

Page speed is the calculated time for displaying content on your blog or site. In other words, we can say that it’s a formula for measuring the website content appearing for the users and customers. You can check your blog page speed on GTmatrix.

Page speed is really important for ranking and getting new visitors and customers from search engines. People have a low focus span, and so they have no time to wait for the page to load because there are millions of other alternative sources for the information.

And so if your page is loading or taking time then your visitors will leave your blog or website and your website or blog bounce rate will high which automatically affects your SEO ranking.

Just one or two seconds slower page can decrease your traffic up to 40% which can create a huge impact and effect on your online business. So page speed is not only affecting our ranking but also losing your customers and business.

In this post, I am going to share with you 6 main factors that really affect your page speed. Working and optimizing these factors can really improve your blog and website speed. And can increase your search engine ranking which means more visitors and business.

6 Factors That Affect Website Page Speed;

1. Large Images

High-quality images or graphics look cool on the website, but it badly affects your page speed. So try to use the images that look okay but of low size or optimized images of size below 50 Kb.

You can use an image optimize plugin like Imagnify. This plugin will automatically reduce your Image size and will load faster on your blog.

You can also create and use cool images from an online graphic tool like Canva

2. Website Theme

Theme plays a really important role in your page speed. Try to use simple but fast them so the user can advantage from your content. Using heavy graphics themes with multi-functions like heavy slides takes a lot of time to load.

Using complex themes will your visitors to leave even before the content loading. There are hundreds of free themes available to test and try, or you can get a paid fast theme from the Income school theme. Also, try to use an updated and WordPress compatible theme.

3. Numerous Ads

Ads are a good source of making money but if your page speed is low and visitors don’t come to your blog then it’s will really difficult for you to make money. You make money from visitors and visitors will come to fast loading pages. So try to use one or a maximum of three ads on your page.

4. Burden of widgets

Widgets on the sidebars, footer, up and below the content of your page really affect your page speed. So try to use widgets in a single place on your blog.

5. External Embedded Links & Sales Banner

It’s really easy and important to monetize your website and blog traffic by sending it to your affiliate sites or own products. But by embodying these links and sales pages really affects your page speed. So always try to use those links with low image size and correct coding.

6. Plugins

Plugins play an important role in blog style and functions. It performs a lot of your work automatically. But it really affects the page speed.

So we need to use WordPress compatible and workable optimized plugins. Using the updated plugins is a must for your blog speed.

I hope this post will help you with your Blog and website. Learn here more about blogging and tools.

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