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Focus on 40 Things You Can Control Right Now ( Take Control of Your Life )

Things You Can Control

Focus On What Things You Can Control

Our life is the results of our daily actions and choices. How much wealth, wisdom, and type of lifestyle you want to have all depend on your small routine choices and things you can control. And that controls your life, dreams, and future.

I this post, I am going to share the list of routine 40 things that you can control. By taking control of these 40 things you can have and achieve anything on the face of the earth.

40 Things You Can Control;

  • Your thoughts

Our thought is the foundations for our actions and so our lives are run by our thoughts. Our thoughts are made up of our experiences, environments, knowledge, and information we consume.

Consuming right and positive information will build positive thoughts and which will lead to creating positive actions and results.

  • Your attitude towards life and other people

Its don’t matter what life and other people are throwing at us but what matters is how we react to these situations in our life. Our reaction and behavior in these situations will determine our greatness, value, and worth.

  • Your belief about yourself

You are what you think about yourself. Your self believe is totally in your control and your self-belief matters in choices about your career, profession, and lifestyle.

Stronger the self believe more you will be ready to take risks and facing challenges and getting stronger from inside.

  • Your friends

You will be the average of your friends and circle with whom you spend most of the time. Your friend’s choices play an important role in your mindset and perspective about life. After Family, friends are the people that will inspire your thoughts and life to achieve extraordinary in life.

  • How much time you spend with family

Spending time with the family is the most precious time. The more we get engaged with our family the more we feel strong, stress-free, and prepared for life challenges.

Strong family relationships will give you the confidence that if in any case, you failed your family will help and support you in all situations and matters.

  • How much you make yourself valuable

According to Warren Buffet, best invest in the self invest. It is in our control how much energy, time, and money we spend in ourselves and how much we make ourselves valuable.

  • How much of social media to use

Social media is good for networking and marketing but tody generation is using it as addiction. The overuse of everything is dangerous and so using social media without a purpose is the use of time and energy.

  • Your perspective about you, your life and the world

Our perspective builds our life and future. Our perspectives come from family, friends, environments, and consuming the type of information and data. We also get life inspiration and perspective by the type of people you follow in life.

  • You want to quit smoking or not

Smoking badly affects our health and work performance. It is totally in our control to quit smoking or not.

  • People you want to listen and follow

What kinds of people we listen to and follow on social media, books, news, and information. Our choice of information can make our life batter or worse will depend on the type and worth of information consumed.

  • Whether or not you compare yourself and life with others or not

Everyone human being is different on the face of the earth. But most of the people stay in negative feelings and emotions by comparing their lives with other people.

Instead of comparing our life with others, we need to focus on today’s life and then compare to the yesterday and in this way, we should compare ourselves lives every day.

  • How to control fear

Fear is nothing more than self-illusion. Instead of staying in fear facing the fear not only can make us fearless but also build and make our mindset about future challenges and risks to handle.

  • How much you exercise

Exercises are good for managing health, stress, and work tensions. It makes us feel grateful and help us to enjoy life with full experience.

  • How many pages you read every day

Books are the greatest source of learning and new information. The more we read the more we learn and learnings can give us advantages over in life over our competitors and give new ideas.

  • How much time you spend in self-talking

Self-talking creates confidence and helps you in controlling your feelings and thoughts. It also creates positive thoughts and brings positive results in our lives.

  • How much time you spend in learning

The more you learn the more you will earn but here learning doesn’t mean money. But it means wisdom and learnings about life, business, and exposure.

  • How much you are kind to others

Kindness costs you nothing but can bring a lot of trusts and build humbleness. Single Acts of kindness can change people’s behaviors and thoughts about our self-image.

  • How much you like for others that you want for yourself

Selfishness is the quality of greed people and kind people respect and treats other people in the way they want to treat. choosing and looking for others the way you want to like is the quality of great people.

  • Whether or not you take responsibility for your life

Our hands create our life and its all our responsibility whether we take or not. If we take responsibility for our lives then we will make our lives better and better. But if we try to escape from our self-responsibility and not taking reasonability can make us loser and weak.

  • How much time you put in the work

Our time on work depends on our goals, our jobs, passion, or business, and how much money we want to make in life. The more we put the more we will get in return and its all in our control.

  • What kinds of food you want to eat

Health is the most important factor in our lives. Keeping ourselves healthy can help us to enjoy life to the full extent. Eating healthy foods is the most important part of health. How much and what we eat depends on how much we care for our health.

  • How do you want to make money

In today’s age of the internet there thousands of ways, we can make money. It is on our choice how we want to make and how much money we wan to make. It all depends on our choices and sacrifices we need to do for making money.

  • How you spend money

The habit of spending is important like the skills of making money. Most of the world makes money but sending the money without planning and regular timesheet can damage you in career and life. Spending on things need with and saving for investing for the future is the wise-act of wealthy and rich people.

  • How much you think about the past and future

Learning from the past and planning for the future is great. But spending all our time just planning to affect our present a which is the most precious time.

We don’t yet know about the future and can’t change our past but our present action builds our future in the way to build it.

  • How much are thankful for things you have

Gratitude is the quality of great people. Being thankful for things you have can make you able to achieve all the things that you want and conquer.

  • Your level of loyalty and honest with yourself and other people

Loyalty and honesty are precious qualities of all human beings. Being loyal and honest with family, relationship and business can increase your chances of success and happiness.

  • How to use anger

Anger is part of feelings and its important because in anger we lose of normal mind and we take aggressive decisions and steps. Taking anger into a productive way and channel can double our work results ad output.

  • How much entertainment I consume

Entertainment is good for refreshment and taking creative ideas but spending all day for a week on movies and tv shows can damage your mindset and makes you lazy and love your comfort zone.

  • What you want to learn from failings

Failings are the greatest source of learning. The more we fail ourselves the more will learn about life business and. Filings give your learning and an experience for life.

  • How much you care about other people opinions

What are doing and how you doing people will be talking all the time. It is on us how to take the talking and use it in a productive way to get the best from situations of life.

  • How much you complain

Complaining is a sign of negativity and weakness. Instead of complaining, we should take control of our situation and try to change it. The less we complain the more we will be in control of our destiny and future.

  • How much you talk in groups and meetings

We have two ears and one tongue. The more we listen and less talk the more chances we will have to learn and fewer chances of sleep of tongue and mistakes.

  • How to express your feelings

We all are a mixture of different feelings. It is on us what kind of feelings we share with the world and what kind owe keep with ourselves. The more feelings we keep with ourselves in secret the more world be in our control and vice versa.

  • Whether or not to share your goals and dreams

Sharing your goals and dreams with others gives you a sense of responsibility and urgency to achieve. But sharing it with everyone and everywhere can damage your image and can put into pressure and affect your performance and workability.

  • You ask for other people to help or not

It is all on you how much you depend on others and asks for their help or you take responsibility on your shoulders. Setting expectations from other people can damage your self-esteem and confidence.

  • How you keep your environment

Yur work environment plays an important role in your work performance and productivity. Instead of looking for things every time setting all on your items in arranges and the proper way can increase work performance and also keep your environment clean and professional.

  • Whether or not you plan for tomorrow and future

Our daily goals and to-do list play an important role in our long term goals and objectives. And its all in our control how we plan for tomorrow and how much we want to accomplish our dreams.

  • Whether I listen to music or podcast

Music is good for refreshment and new ideas but spending hours and hours is a waste of time. Instead of music listening to a podcast related to our industry and niche can help you in gaining new sidelines, ideas, and measures for information.

  • Whether saying yes or no to other people call

While you are busy in creative work and other people calls badly disturb your workflow and break your creative work process and performance. It is in your control of how you respond to other people’s calls.

  • When to replay to mail and messages

Most of our today entrepreneurs and online business owner spend a lot of time reading emails and messages and considering it time spend on work. Yes, its important part of the business but every mail or message is not for business and growth

Yes, mails are important but try to spend less time reading emails messages and use more in creative and productive activities. There should a difference between being busy and busy at work. Most of the people stay busy all day but not creating single results and output the can help in business growth.

I hope this post will help you with the right choices about your life and future. Give me your feedback on how we all can control our future by controlling our daily tasks. Check here more posts about self-development and lifestyle. Peace.

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