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GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) 15 Famous Tips/Saying For Students and Future Enterprenuers

GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) 15 Famous Tips/Saying For Students and Future Enterprenuers

Gary Vaynerchuk, Russian born, American investor, speaker, and 4 times best selling author. GaryVee is a true leader and realistic life coach and adviser for a young student and fresh entrepreneurs. He always focuses on the hustle of content creativity and real shit of self-responsibility which is the ultimate truth to greatness and success in today life. GaryVee always advises new students, instead of focusing just on the degree you need to focus on skills and real work experience because without real work experiences and failing your degree is of no value.

GaryVee, on every stage performance, speaks and give force on real hard work instead of talent and just thinking ideas and long-term vision. Real work is the key to self-growth and learning. He is the one that building minds of young to be on the process of creating and building their business instead of sitting and watching others. Garyvee shares always his own story of hustle and working. Looking for a new opportunity on the internet is easy, is the basic idea of GaryVee hustle and content creation.

Here are the Main lines from GaryVee Life story.

  • As a kid, GaryVee Used to sell baseball cards, for the local market. This really helped him in selling and communication skills. At the age of 14, his father invites him to join the family wine business.
  • Student of college GaryVee used to work with father at the wine store. During this, he comes with the idea of creating a website for wines and therefore, was born.
  • Just knowing the advantage of internet GaryVee used Google AdWords and email marketing tactics to increase the sale of wines. This plan really worked and in just five years time his family wine business showed the growth from $3m to $60m.
  • After graduating from college and leaving Wine library GaryVee with his brother founded marketing agency  VaynerMedia.
  • After building a self online brand on social media especially on Instagram and YouTube, GaryVee launched a new (semi) daily YouTube show called The #AskGaryVee Show. In this show, Garyvee with guest personality used to answer lives calls and question from Facebook and Twitter. This show increased subscribers to over 2 million.


Books Written by GayVee

  1. Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too
  2. #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness
  3. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  4. The Thank You Economy
  5. Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion
  6. Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World

GaryVee 15 Famous Tips/Saying For Students and Future Entrepreneurs;

  1. We are just so interested in blaming others and excuses because we don’t want to take on responsibility. But the truth is, what happens in my life, I am fully responsible for all results of my actions. When you are responsible for your life you will find the weakness and you will work on it to clear the way of your success.

  2. Real entrepreneurs love the game and not just stuff or rewards. Every one love fine things in life but if you are in-game just for these shiny things, in the long run, I think you will lose. My real definition entrepreneur who can’t live without it and trying to create a real meaningful impact.

  3. People always quit because they are in business for money. But the question is, what is your money making purpose?. You want freedom, parties, girls, you don’t like working for others, or just want the money to enjoy or relax. Its such bad way to think. You have to figure out your purpose and because without your real purpose, you will not find the happiness in money.

  4. The game is not about how much money you make but its all about real happiness. live by passion and love what you are working. It will take you out of routine old circle 9-5 job and your work will like playing a game.

  5. Just re-investing in your business is the biggest reward you can take. Taking profits and spending money on rings, clothes, watches, gold, or cars. Its not wrong but for me, the real thing is taking profit and re-investing it again in your business. My aim is not to buy gold rings but to buy whole gold shop.

  6. Our young people are not producing the content because they are thinking about others and fear of other people judgments. You don’t take action because you think if you failed what other people will say. Parents, family, relatives, friends, but my foundation is not to care about the opinion of others. I respect people opinion but I don’t care about their judgment of me.

  7. Most of the peopel in present age spending their lives on opinions and decision by others but I always said “Die on your own Sword instead of dying on someone else sword”. You are doing thing because your dad telling you the things to do or your boss order you to do things. You working all these because you need security of your job or you fear of taking responsibility to take control of your life and responsibility for your decisions. But here is the interesting thing you should know about in failing on your own sword. There so much learning and greatness that you will never imagine even you are making millions on the basis of decisions of someone else. so just think hat you are doing on yourself because its greatest feeling in this whole world or just I am just passing my time to please and make happy other people.

  8. Greatness and success are all about accountability and ownership when your broken and near to give up. That’s me, that my make up. That’s the #1 reason I am winning in my life and that’s why I am always going to win. Its because when you ae 100% accountable and you know your shit and garbage. When you are 100% accountable when there is an issue. When you pass on quitting then you become fundamentally undefeated. unbeatable, I am straight, unbeatable my head will never gassed up when I am doing good. And, when its bad will point the finger at someone else of my conditions and situations. All these people are pointer finger everywhere. But its, in reality, its nobody fault but your own. Country environment. parents, school system, boss, your aunt, etc their reason to blame but one self-responsibility for everything makes you standing unique and great. Its about me when its good. Its about me when its bad. What I got for you. Its just mindset. Develop a winning mindset that will help to control the action and decisions. You will look forward instead of looking backward.

  9. Just put the content out and smetime next year you will huge among all the leading business. Here people make mistake, they dont put content out because of failure or people judgment of their content, but its really don’t matter. Its a just one piece of content that will make you huge and great for life time, so keep putting content and making impressions in people life. If a music artist put a song every day, he will amongst huge in next year chart, period.

  10. Be pumped and grateful every time. Not only just Monday morning but everyday morning you should be moving like beast towards your dreams. This internet created a lot more opportunities and you peopleare  lucky to born in this era of time.

  11. Just look into your eyes and ask yourself what to do for the rest of my life and do that. I promise you can monetize that shit. Whatever you have to do, do it. just stop kinda trying and start hustling.

  12. You have to be good at your craft and you should know how to use it in the right way.

  13. To be great you have to fight. I think my level of success is some kind product of skills but I outwork people. And I really do believe that 100% that ones can work that hard. The fact I have been working 19 hours a day for last 20 years is easy for me. I was poor, I sucked shit at school and its was only gear I have. You should recognize that your biggest advantage being more hunger than your competitors. Put yourself in a position of strength that makes winning. Its absolutely straightest line to success. Greatness always come adversity and challenges in the eye and having attitude of go for it.

  14. If I advise you to be more talented, it looks like tricky and unbelievable ideological advice. But, if  I advise you go two hours extra, its real practical. It will impact the output and will change the results. Work which is contrilable, being born with talent is not.

  15. Pureblood entrepreneur loves dark clouds. Fake entrepreneurship only works in good, happy and easy time. But when its in your DNA, the upcoming dark cloud will be important for you because this game is based on merit. If you don’t know how to pass on these days, you will never be the all-time entrepreneur. I love the dark clouds because its part of the process.


let me know through your comments what you learned from this post and what you most like about GaryVvee. Also, Check this post; Dan Lok 15 Famous Rules/Saying for Getting Money & Rich.

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