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9 Simple Ways to Get Backlinks For Your New Blog and Website ( Beginner’s Guide)

Backlinks For Your New Blog and Website

Backlinks are not only important for SEO traffic and ranking. But it’s really important for your blog and content, authority, and branding.

When someone on the internet backlinks to your blog, website, or content, it shows and gives signals to a search engine that it’s valuable content and the search engine will rank your content for search queries.

If you have, a huge number of content and a big authority blog or website, then getting backlinks are easy.

But as a beginner, it’s really hard to get people to backlink to your blog and website.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 9 ways to Get Backlinks to Your new Blog and Website and improve your search engine ranking and traffic.

9 Ways to Get Backlinks For Your New Blog and Website

1. Guest Posting On Authoritative Websites For Getting Backlinks

Writing useful, informative, and deals articles and submitting these articles to authorize websites like Forbes,,, and is a great opportunity not only to create a backlink for blog and website.

But also you can attract a thousand users from the high authoritative websites to your blog.

2. Post Articles on Medium for Getting Backlinks to Your Blog

Medium is an open, High authoritative, Article posting website. Posting Articles on Medium is easy to rank and get backlinks and traffic to your website.

3. Link Exchange with the Other Same Niche Bloggers

Contacting other competitive bloggers in your niche and asking that you will link back to their few ranking posts and in return, they will link back to your few ranking posts.

In this way, you will not only get backlinks from competitors, but also authority and branding for search engine ranking.

4. Directory submission

A directory like a Flipboard,, Pearl tressSlashdot, meta filter, etc is also an easy and fast way not only to get traffic to your blog and website. But it’s a way to create backlinks for your blog and improve your blog ranking in search engines.

Submission to these directories is really simple. Just copy the link of the post, page, or article, and post it on websites with a brief introduction, and boom!

Your Article will not only present in front of millions of people. But also these directories have a large e-mail list and or free will send your articles to the e-mail list.

5. Contact Your Competitor Back-linking Websites

Go to tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs and check competitor’s topics and keywords that are getting backlinks and produced a useful, unique, and lengthy article on such a topic.

Now, search for the competitor’s back-linking websites, and contact them that you have also written a detailed article on this topic.

If you find it worthy, please backlink my article and website. And with practice writing, sending 20 to 30 e-mail every month will improve your backlinks and your site ranking.

6. Commenting and Constructive Communication on Other people Blog

Engaging comments and constructive communication on other websites’ articles is also a great opportunity to get backlinks and improve branding and authority in the niche.

7. Offering Free courses and Training

personal teaching and coaching on any topic is a great way to build branding.

Crating free training and course and uploading on your websites is a great opportunity for getting backlinks for your website.

8. Review Other bogs and Websites

Writing a detailed article about other blogs, websites, and bloggers and then contact the owners about your reviews is also a simple and smart way to earn backlinks for your article and blog.

9. Make Infographics

Infographics are easy to understand and to share on social media.

Creating infographic articles and blog posts will improve your branding and will attract a lot of new backlinks.


Getting backlinks for your website is important for blog SEO and branding. Crating amazing and valuable content is the big reason for getting backlinks, but for new beginners, you have to use these 9 ways to get backlinks and boost your blog traffic. Learn here more about blogging and Online business.

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