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11 Good Habits for the New Year ( Turn Your New Year Resolution in Reality )

Good Habits for the New Year

A famous saying by Albert Einstein“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This quote truly applies to our modern age young generation, including me.

Each year, millions of people make commitments and prepare new year resolutions to achieve goals and will bring a change in their lives.

But after one month, they feel overwhelmed and give up their resolution and start living like their old self and comfortable like the old days.

And they give up because they are expecting new results from their old actions and habits. They don’t lack talent, resources, or opportunities, but just they need new habits and routines.

To see the change, we have to change our routines, habits, and choices. And expecting change with the same old habits is nothing but foolishness.

So the change and new goals are only possible with changing habits and routines. And it will not occur at once or overnight.

It’s a slow process, and it usually takes up to 67 days to make a new habit or routine part of your mindset and life system.

In this post, I am in to share a list of 11 habits that will change your mindset, perspective, and will turn your New Year’s resolution into reality.

11 Good Habits for the New Year

1. Starting the Day With 1 Hour Book Reading

Books are the biggest source of knowledge, wisdom, ideas, new tricks and techniques, alternative solutions, and learning from the mistakes and lives of other people influential people.

The average person reads 25 to 35 pages in one hour, and a book has an average of 250 to 30 pages.

It means reading for 1-hour daily we can complete a book in a week and at this speed, we can read 200+ books per year.

Now, you can imagine the wisdom, knowledge, and growth in personal mindset and perspective after reading 200+ books.

The good habit of book reading will supercharge your focus, productivity, and give you the control to face challenges with wisdom and confidence.

2. Stop Using Negative Words and Languages

Our word becomes our action and therefore using negative words and languages affects our thoughts, and it creates negative actions and so results.

With negative language, people will avoid your circle, and you will only option to keep the circle of negative people.

To change your actions, we need to avoid negative words and replace them with positive and productive words and language.

Changing your way of saying will change your self-respect and help you in boosting self-esteem and confidence.

3. Don’t Spend Money on Stuff Just to Impress Other People

Most people face financial problems and the biggest reason for the poor financial position is lacking the skill of money management.

Financial freedom is not about making money, but it’s also about managing money and spending on care and knowledge.

In today, a modern young generation, people are spending money on stuff they don’t need. They just want to show themselves happy and rich and want to impress their neighbors and friend on social media.

Stop spending money on stuff for the sake of other people’s showoff and fake social media praises or likes. And save this money for future use and investments.

4. Develop Strong Morning Routine

Getting up early and exercise or walking in nature, the habit of successful and great people. Exercising, journaling, listing new ideas, learning new skills, etc. is a great routine to start your new year with inspiration and motivation.

When you wake up, you have more time in your day to think and spend on your work and each day more forward towards your goals.

5. Don’t use Mobile in the First Few Hours of the Day

Using Mobile is not only the killer of our distractions and productivity but also affects your mind and your thinking.

Checking social media or e-mails early in the morning will create stress and anxiety and divert you from your key planning and action for the day.

Set a specific time for social media or emails at noon and avoid unnecessary use of mobile phones.

6. Love yourself

By living yourself, I don’t just mean positive affirmation or positive self-talking. But I mean practically love yourself.

Eat balanced diet food, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, sleep every night for 7-8 hours, reward yourself, forget your past, etc. are great examples of loving yourself.

The more you o yourself, the more worthy and happy you feel and more focused and productive you will become in your career and life.

7. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Don’t be just greedy or all working and running after money and material things.

Stay humble and happy. Focus and give value to the things you have in life. Feel the blessing of things you already achieved in life.

Gratitude will not only keep you happier and satisfied, but also give you the mindset to show empathy and kindness to others. Share your love, kindness, and resources with others.

8. Turn Off Your Limiting beliefs

We all have limitless talent and potential, but sometimes because of the outside environments and voices, we limit ourselves.

To achieve and build more in life, we have to develop an abundance mindset and start investing in ourselves.

The more we invest in ourselves, the more we will become worthy and will understand our genuine power and talent.

And the more we know about ourselves, the more powerful we will become. And will turn off a limiting belief system and hit for big and high goals in life.

9. Add value to others

If you want to achieve more, then be a machine of giving and helping others.

When you help others, you feel special, and it creates priceless inner joy and happiness. And this happiness will lead you to face challenges and build a glorious life.

Not just for yourself, but for the reason of adding value and changing other people’s lives.

10. Spending 20 minutes on Doing Fearful Things

The best way to overcome fear is to face fear.  No one is perfect, and we all have weak spots.

There are things that make and feel uncomfortable. And the biggest secret to work on uncomfortable tasks is taking action and facing the truth.

Spending every day 20 minutes on your fearful thing will not make you fearless and confident, but also give you the mindset that fear of things is just a self-made illusion.

Things are fearful unless you take a step and work on them. And after taking a few steps, you will realize that things are not fearful, but it’s just our imagination or other people’s sayings that make things so fearful.

The more you practice this habit, the powerful you will become and the more success you will achieve in life.

11. Take responsibility for your actions and results

Genuine change starts with taking responsibility for your actions and results.

Taking responsibility will give you the mindset that you are the creator of your life, and it’s on you, to build your life.

Your future is based on today’s choices and actions. And with this mindset, you will never procrastinate and will take on all challenges with courage and confidence.

And you will achieve all your goals in life.


Just by changing routines and small habits, we can change our future and life. And developing good habits is a game of practice and consistency. Learn here more about good habits and productivity.

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