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Grow Yourself Daily in 4 ways (Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually)

Grow Yourself Daily in 4 ways (Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually)

How to grow yourself in different ways. 

Life is all about growing yourself, change is inevitable and in order to compete with this rapidly changing world, you have to grow yourself on a daily basis. 

Humans fear change normally and don’t accept it easily. Those who do not grow themselves with change often lose in many aspects of life. 

Here are four different ways where you can grow yourself and make your daily routine productive.

Physical growth

It is the most important aspect of self-growth. Health is wealth and nobody denies this. Everything else comes later because good health should be your number one priority. We spend thousands of dollars on healthcare and are willing to pay any amount if we get sick. You have to treat your body like a temple in order to avoid those expensive medical bills and appointments with doctors. 

Here is a list of ways that may help you in physical growth.

  • Wake up early in the morning 
  • Jogging in the park
  • A brisk walk in the park
  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Healthy breakfast
  • At least 30 minutes of daily exercise 
  • Drink a lot of water 
  • Always eat healthily 
  • Join a sports activity you like 
  • Good sleep and sleep deprivation are unhealthy 

Emotional growth

 Maturity comes with age, but I think it comes from experiences and you have to be emotionally strong. Emotional balance is critical in life. Life gets at you with low and high feelings, and it is up to you how you handle those feelings. There is a saying “ don’t be so sweet that they will eat you and don’t be too bitter that they will spit you.” You need a balance of emotions in order to win at life. Here is a list of ways you can emotionally grow yourself.

  • Be present at all times
  • Be honest with relations 
  • Don’t cheat 
  • Trust goes both ways so build trust to get it.
  • Loyalty and integrity are your valor.
  • Respect your fellow beings 
  • Don’t hold grudges 
  • Don’t gossip 
  • Talk to yourself 
  • Self-introspection 
  • Family always comes first 

Mental growth

Learning is a process that never stops. You are a student of life and in order to excel at life, you have to be mentally strong. Mental growth should not be confused with mental health, in mental growth you learn new things constantly. From the things, in the following list, you can mentally grow yourself.

  • Keep your mind open for new things 
  • Read books you like daily 
  • Stay away from fake news and propaganda 
  • Make a friend who has the same intellect and discuss different topics
  • Listen to debates 
  • Take part in debates 
  • Agree to disagree 
  • Do not be arrogant of your knowledge 
  • Write things you like
  • Learn from others experiences 

Spiritual growth 

Life is difficult and you need to get up every time you fall down. Spiritual growth can help you with difficulties in life. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow or which god you worship, the only thing that matters is when you believe life has a purpose for you and you have to meet the challenges of life with your head up. Spiritual growth helps develop your personality in a positive way. Here are the ways which may help you in growing spiritually.

  • Follow your heart 
  • Be positive 
  • Be compassionate 
  • Give to charity 
  • Feel empathy for fellow beings 
  • Kindness is the key to a good life 
  • Meditate daily 
  • Travel for self-discovery 
  • Pray once in a while 
  • Be inclusive and respectful towards other faiths 


These four different aspects of self-growth will help you find inner peace and keep winning in life. I hope you liked what I’ve written and I would appreciate the feedback you give.

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