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5 Simple Tips to Handle Public Speaking Questions

Handle Public Speaking Questions

Most of the speakers are afraid of the presentation’s end Q & A session because they don’t know what type of Question the audience will ask. And if they don’t know about the answer it will, may hurt their reputation and branding.

As a Public speaker, you have to do a lot of research and prepare yourself for it. But after a lot of preparation, you will still think that there is something missing, and it will affect you from the inside. In this post, I am going to share a list of 5 tips that will handle Public Speaking Questions and overcome your inner fear of feelings.

5 Tips to Handle Public Speaking Questions;

  • Keep Yourself Ready

How you will keep yourself ready for the question if you don’t know?. Well, you don’t know the question, but you know the topic and presentation. And your audience will ask about the topic and presentation.

Build a list of questions about the creation and prepare all kinds of related answers, will prepare you ahead for the Q & A session.

  • Understand the Question and Context

Before jumping into the answer in your mind, listen carefully to a Question, and understand the context of the question. Understand from which part of the presentation this question was raised. This tip will help to understand your audience’s problem and deliver the best answer.

  • Involve the Audience

Involving the audience in the question from a member will raise their interest and will give you the time to deliver the best possible answer. Asking your audience’s opinions, views, and answers will give you the framework of their understanding of the presentation and your level of delivering the message and answer.

  • There is no Shame in Saying, You Don’t Know

Sometimes the audience will ask out of the track and not related to your topic and field. Instead of giving a wrong answer or just a rough idea, straight say, “sorry, I Don’t know”. Saying true and honest Will increase your respect and credibility in the minds of your audience.

  • Keep the Answer Concise

The best way to avoid confusion and disinterest for yourself and the audience is to keep the answer concise and to the point. Just deliver the information related to the question and don’t go into deep and tiny details. Unnecessary details will confuse your audience and will take them out of track.


Q & A Sessions are an important part of present-day Public speaking. Prepared yourself for all the expected questions based on your topic and try to keep the answer concise and to the point. Learn here more about Public Speaking.

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