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How Google Adsense Works and Related Basic Principles

how google adsense works

Google Adsense pays you money when users click on an ad placed by Google on your site. The advertiser pays to google and googles pay to you after cutting own portion of service income.

The google placed ads on your content to make the sale or get customers for advertisers business or products. The more visitors advertisers get from your site the more you earn money.

Google is really strict about policies and rules that no can click on its own content placed ads in order to increase money. Its just fraud and google will terminate your google Adsense account and you will get never get chance again. You also cant invite your family, relatives or friends to click on your website or content ads because it also included in case of fraud act.

Its really easy to make money with Google Adsense and so, you don’t need to cheat or buy fake clicks for your ads. You not only make money from clicking ads but also from visitors of your blogs. When someone visits your blog or website they saw ads on your site and you make money. Around 100k monthly visitors, you make around  $200k to $400k depends on CPM rate.

How to get more visitors?

More visitors will come for good content and also right targeted keywords. Also, check my post on how to find Keywords. This post will help you to find the right customer targeted keywords. Proper Use of Keywords will help in SEO and will help you in ranking your post and content in search engines like Yahoo, Google, and bing.

What is the easiest way to earn money from Google Adsense working from home?

There a lot of ways to make money online from Adsense but writing content and articles for your blog or website is the easiest way to generate money for yourself. All ages of people can get money from Google AdSense just working for a few hours without having a big college or university degree or certificate. In blogging, you have to work hard to get initial traffic for your site. Just with use with keywords and relevant content you can generate a good amount of users of your site that will be equal to the money.

Writing the original new content with the right SEO and Keywords Planning one can make millions of $$ every year just online working on the laptop. As already mentioned that it’s not easy but it ill take to get good content and attract visitors to it. But once you start submitting your unique content and articles that help people in solving problems or adding some kind of value that finally people will become your regular customers and will visit your blog again and again for getting some knowledge or information.

Google Adsense ads depend on the type of your blog content and integrated keywords. So rich content means high paying ads and which is a sign of great income. It’s a win-win situation for you, google Adsense, advertiser and for the person consuming your content and data.

Just writing articles and getting cash for its use is just one way of getting money from Google Adsense. There other dozens of online method to make money from Google Adsense like a mobile app, software, music streaming site, youtube videos or your own videos coaching website, etc.

What knowledge do you need to start making money with Google  Adsense?

Well, it’s all-around your nature, experiences, passion, profession and time. Some ideas and niches are time focused like music streaming site, teaching and consulting, some are skilled focused like apps, software, music and some are passion and hobby like youtube or blogging. There is a lot of there ads dealing website and organization but Google AdSense is the most powerful tool among all these because its easy way to monetize a blog, channel or any other online content.

Just working according to google Adsense policies and principles and don’t act fraudly you can generate great sources of income for your lifetime and you don’t need to work for anyone as a full-time job.

Don’t just focus on shortcut method or quick rich income stream .yes, in long run, you will work more, but it will get the money that you are leaving behind, in short-cut and rich quick method.

In how much time I will start earing from google adsense for my content?

Its depends on your method and your content type and source. On Youtube, you can get google ads after 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch which you can easily get with 10 to 30  original value-added videos. check my post about youtube growth 5 Tips To Grow Fast on YouTube. Same is the case with blogs, the article you can apply for google adsense after posting 15 to 130 article and your site will be ready for ads placement.On blog start writing quality articles with keywords and you will see within a method your articles will be ranking in google search engine.

Where to place ads on content?

Just try to place ads on places where its ads have the maximum chance for clicks and views. For example on the sidebar of articles or in the middle of your articles. Another best place, in the middle of your suggested articles list. The most suitable setting is google auto ads placing which means an adsense will place the ads where it most proper and suitable for content and user.

The fundamental to google adsense in placing ads on content depends on which content is receiving more traffic and more click and also use of the rich keywords or rich key phrases. I hope this post will help you in understanding Google adsense and more for this kind content keep visiting our site.





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