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How To Be Happy? ( 31 Ways to Be Happy in Life )

How To Be Happy? ( 31 Ways to Be Happy in Life )

How To Be Happy?

A happier life is the search for every human being on the face of the earth. And it’s because happiness is the key to getting more success in life.

When you are happy, you will set big goals, you will stay effective and focused, more productive, and creative. You will face the pain and problems with the belief it’s a way of life.

And all problems and challenges are the foundation for more growth and happiness.

Happiness doesn’t mean just keeping a smile on the face. True happiness means feeling complete and fulfilled.

And prepared to be the best version of yourself. A mindset to build a life that will bring significant and positive change in other people’s lives.

But there is a big problem in today’s modern world that they concern their happiness with the outer world material thing.

Science and study show that happiness is feeling, and it’s our inner thing. True happiness is a part of our inner self-system.

By the definition from Study, Happiness is the name of positive emotions towards your behaviors, habit, mindset, belief system, personal traits and qualities, resources, and perspectives.

From this study we can abstract that, It’s a product of mindset, habit, perspective, thinking, and your belief system. And so all have some kind of control over our happiness.

Just by changing our habits, mindset, thinking, beliefs, etc we can achieve happiness in life.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 31 ways to be happy. With these 31 simple tips and tricks, you not only can achieve happiness and get relief from stress ad workload but also you can build a good life.

31 Ways to Be Happy in Life

1. Keeping Your words and promises. Keeping your promises will not only makes you happy but also helps in building and creating a truthful and honest relationship with family, friends, and colleagues. Fulfilling your promised words, will improve your integrity and gives inner peace and joy.

2. Read a Good Book. Books are not only the source of knowledge and wisdom, but they will also give you inspiration and happiness. Reading a good book will boost your mood and will help in changing your mindset about your life and the world.

3. Help others in society. Creating a source of happiness for others is also a great secret for self-happiness and joy in life. When you do charity or delivering a portion of food to someone hungry, you feel special from the inside and the happiness will be priceless.

4. Plan a Surprised gift  for your family and friends

5. Walk and Play With your pet in the park.

6. Cook and learn a new recipe from the Internet and YouTube.

7. Cook something and share it With your neighbor, friend, or teammate.

8. Walk in nature and enjoy the beauty.

9. Play with kids in the park, stress, and neighborhood.

10. Volunteering in Free time will keep you active and happy. Participating in community activities, Talking, and helping poor people, etc is a great way to keep yourself happy and satisfied.

11. Find a Hobby and spend your free time on your hobby.

12. Walk and talk With a good friend.

13. Organize and clean room and Workplace.

14. Be a supportive and responsible family member.

15. Celebrate small Wins With your family and friends.

16. Keep your childhood dreams and passion alive.

17. Allocate half an hour daily to exercise and playing sports for a healthy life.

18. Visualize Yourself accomplishing your dreams and goals.

19. Take a Trip with family and friends.

20. Learn a new language.

21. Listen to good music.

22. 10 minutes creative ideas journaling in the morning.

23. Practice meditation and yoga.

24. Think for others in the way, you think about yourself.

25. Focus on the present day and try to make the best use of today.

26. Forget yourself for your past mistakes.

27. Change the meaning of things by changing your thinking.

28. Stop comparing your life and yourself to others.

29. Spend time with your parents.

30. Practice gratitude and focus on the things that you have.

31. Share your food with teammates and colleagues.


Happiness is our internal thing and therefore, by chasing our internal self, like mindset, belief system, way of thinking, etc, we all can achieve an abundance of happiness.

True happiness is not always about getting material things and big success or wealth. But its lies in small things like spending time with family and parents, walking in nature and playing with kids in the park, etc. Learn here more self improvement, and happiness in life.

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