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How To Create an Online Course for Free? ( Make Passive Income Online from Selling Course )

How To Create an Online Course for Free? ( Make Passive Income Online from Selling Course )

What is an Online Course?

Online course or program is video, audio, or pdf format, step by step guide, and coaching about specific skills, subjects, software, techniques, etc. In other words, an online course is online teaching and training about a specific topic.

An online course can be about anything from simple home decoration to advanced business launching and Marketing. It all depends on your experiences, passion, interest, and skillset.

Importance of Online Courses and Programs;

In today’s modern world you can earn a good amount of income from creating alone courses and training programs. You will be just sharing your story,  information, and experience about a specific topic, with the world, and people will pay you for this information.

Another great thing about online courses that they create passive income. It means you have to work and create the course for once. But you will continuously make money from your course as long as they are available online.

These courses will be available in online marketplaces like Udemy, skill share, teachable, Thinkific, etc and so it’s a business of 24/7 hours.

Because of the internet, you can sell these courses to worldwide customers. And also it gives you freedom of time and place. You can upload, change, and take payments online at any place in the world.

Online courses are usually around your passion, interest, profession, skill set, experience, etc. So, if in the end a lot of people not buying your courses you still will be happy. Because you will be enjoying the course creation process and sharing your knowledge, story, and experiences.

How to create an Online Course?

Before start creating the course you have to think about your customers, the students, their needs, problems, and market demand. You will create the course that people are searching for online.

You have to create the course around the topic and niche with low competition and high demand. Because as a beginner it’s hard to attract a huge number of students in a highly competitive niche and topic.

You will search for a topic on online courses-platforms and other related search engines like Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, etc. You will look for 3 main questions:

  1. What kinds of Topics are hot
  2. What kinds of problems People searching online
  3. You will look for topics that selling well.

Here you will find the keywords and main niche topics people are searching for and using the content. You will make the list of all hot topics and then select the topics that suit your experience, passion, and skillset.

Understanding Your customers

Before start creating the course you have to imagine your actual customer and their condition and position. What is their problem? What is their age and income level, location? What is the main value you will provide? What will be their life after using your content?

In the course creation process, you can create a course for millions of people online, but you have to create the course for a specific 200,00 or fewer people. You have target limited but specific people in the market.

Because in this way you will give more value, and so they will be ready to pay more money for your service. Ideal customer understanding will help you in creating the course in one tone and one topic.

Your Course Topic and Niche

Your course niche will be according to your passion, experience, education, skills, and also from market research. The great niches are health, beauty, fashion, real estate, and making money. If you are confused and don’t have any idea just select any topic from the below list for your course.

  1. How to make  money on YouTube
  2. Blogging business guide
  3. Weight loss exercise
  4. How to build self-confidence and self-esteem
  5. Skin-care and beauty  tips
  6. Weight Loss Tips
  7. Home Business ideas
  8. How to Start a T-shirt business
  9. Benefits of Starting Real estate business
  10. Tips for investing in the real estate business
  11. How to Publish Books Online
  12. Hairstyle tips
  13. Nail style tips
  14. stock trading tips
  15. Amazon associate business
  16. Self-grooming tips and Guide

There are hundreds of topics and niches you can create a course about. But, the hot-selling course is in health, fashion, beauty, and self-improvement.

Course video, Audio, and PDF

You don’t need a studio, big pieces of equipment, camera, etc for recording and creating the course. You can start with a room with light, a mobile, a mic, and a laptop. (Affiliate Links )

Sound quality is important in the course creation process because your students will listen and understand your lesson with good quality. Low video quality can work but there should be no compromise on sound recording quality.

There are different types of course options. Select the type, of course, the suits your skill and personality.

  • Presentation course where a person is talking from behind and no face screen. This is suitable for business planning, strategy, tips, etc types of courses.
  • Screen Presentation where the person will be present on the screen while recording the course and talking in front of the camera. This is suitable for software training, skills teaching, etc. The best software programs for recording are Video pad, Movavi, CyberLink, etc.
  • Face to camera talking where the person will be talking directly to the camera and convey the message. Coaching, Consulting, etc are the best example of these types of courses.

Course Creation Process;

The best and easy option for course creation is talking directly to the camera or mobile and later edit or add more visuals, text, photos, infographics, etc to convey the message in the best possible way.

But for a beginner, I will suggest going with the presentation type pf courses. Because it’s really to create and 2ndly you will not feel under pressure because there will be no camera.

Just prepare all message, content, and presentation using Canva, google doc, or Microsoft his presentation of your course. You can add photos and more graphics to your presentation using Pixbay free photo stocks.

Then start recording your message for the presentation using software Audacity. And then combine your audio with a presentation using video editing stores like NCH videopad, etc.

In the begging, you will not be satisfied with the sound quality and video but with practice, you will master the skill.

Here are some more helpful Tips for the course creation process;

  • Don’t make your video lengthy for being lengthy.
  • The long video will bore the students so make an average video from 2 to 4 minutes.
  • Don’t overload the student with information in one video.
  • One message in one video.
  • Create the content step by step and coherent way

How Lengthy Should be the Course?

Your course length also depends on the topic and subject. If you are teaching software or apps making, your course will lengthy. If your course is about a software guide and tutorials, it will short.

The course about consulting, coaching, tips, self-help, etc. are short around 1-hour length. Some programs and courses are step-by-step guides, and they can be lengthy over weeks or monthly planning.

Where to publish an Online Course?

There are two options for course publishing. Self-hosting publishing and third-party publishing.

In self-hosting, you are selling courses with your own domain name or website. Best self-hosted platforms are teachable, Thinkific, LearnWords, Podia, etc.

In third-party hosting or Marketplace, you are selling courses on the online market like Udemy, skillshare, Coursera, and, etc. check the pros and cons of both platforms then decide which suits you the best.

Selling on Third-party Marketplace


  • They will do all marketing for you
  • A huge number of students and audience base
  • They have earned the trust and credibility of their customers
  • Huge Support Community


  • No Access To Student Email and contact information
  • You lose control 
  • They take a portion of the profit
  • They decide the rules about discount & coupons
  • Low Personal branding

Selling on Self-hosting


  • You own students emails & contact information
  • You have full Control
  • You take all profits
  • You can change what & when you want to change
  • Great for personal branding


  • Huge Self-promotion & Marketing Cost
  • Cost of third part Hosting & maintenance

As a Beginner, I will always advise starting with the third party. And after some experience and audience or customer base, you can shift it to a self-hosting platform.


Here is the tutorial guide about how to upload your course on Skillshare.



Here is the tutorial about uploading your course on Udemy.


How to Sell Online Courses?

Selling online courser is not a big task. Usually, online platforms like Udemy will promote and will sell your courses for you.  Because in this way they will also make money.

You can also promote your courses on social media and especially Facebook groups. Make a short video about your course and upload it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Dailymotion, and this way you attract a lot of students to your course sale page.

You can also promote your courses Through blog posts. Guest Posting on the other famous blogger blogs is another great idea for selling and promoting your courses.

Offering free courses or coupons for some time for student reviews is also a great tool to build credibility for your course. Good reviews can help in your course ranking and keywords SEO.

I hope this post will be helpful for you in course creation and publishing and you will soon start making money from online courses. Learn here more about passive income and online business.

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