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How to Find Keywords; 5 Steps Process

how to find keywords

Ranking in search engine is almost impossible without the use of the right targeted keyword. No one can deny in business and blogging the importance of the use of keyword planning. This post is all about finding the keywords that will help your blog or website to rank high in google search and get to the right customers. Getting rank means more visitors and more clients which is the ultimate dream of every business. So let jump into a simple 5-step process for finding the right keywords for your blog and business.

  1. Raw Keywords List

The first step is just collect and write down all key-related keywords of your business and industry, from all available resources in around. Don’t put the mind in details or editing, just focus on simple direct list and data that your mind can possibly think of the words that that will attract your viewers and clients on the search engine.

2. Keyword Search Volume

In this step,  we will look for search volume and use of the keyword. We will divide the keywords on the basis of monthly search volume like 2000-50000 volume, 5000-20000, 20000-50000- and 50000-100000 volume basis. All users can change the range between volume according to industry and business. This will help us the high demand keywords and low searching keywords.

3.  Ranking Competition 

With high competition, keywords are not easy to rank but you need to look for low competition keywords. You have to select the keyword with high search volume but low competition. its difficult to compete with people in a keyword that they are already ranking high in high competition.

4. List the Right Keywords

Now you will just finalize the right keyword list for your blog and business, According to the above steps.

5. Use of Keyword

now is the time of real action by putting the keyword in blog and business content . its a just continuous process and after reasonable time your blog articles and posts will in high-demand in a related keyword. Check the post about how to write good SEO ranking article and you will know about content that can easily rank you high on google search.

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