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How To Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life? ( 10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose)

How To Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life? ( 10 Steps to Finding Your Purpose)

Purpose of Life

God created every person on the earth with purpose and meaning. Full of talent and potential. No one is worthless or useless. We all change and achieve great things in life. But for any success and goal to achieve, we have to know about it and the same is the case about life. For getting success, abundance, wealth, happiness, and prosperity we have to know about the purpose of life.

The finding of the purpose in life is not an option or choice but it’s our duty and reasonability as human beings. As human beings, if we don’t know about our life purpose, then our time and energy, and life will be useless. So whatever is the case and situation, we have to find the true meaning and real purpose of our life.

A purposeful life is a key to true happiness. Regardless of the wealth, you create or how much power you’ll have in your current career, business, or industry position, it’ll not lead to true happiness unless and until you know about your real purpose in life.

Today’s most people are running after money and power like mad, and they think that money is the true purpose of life and happiness. But actually, a true secret to happiness and prosperity in life comes by finding your purpose and meaning.

There is an old expression that more money, more problems. But if you have some kind of purpose and objectives in life, then money will be a resource for more happiness and growth. But with money and power, without a life purpose, you will feel empty from within. You think that something is missing from your inner side and life, even in a round of big houses, fast cars, girls, and security guards.

I understand that it’s normal that you will ask; I don’t know my Life Purpose? how I will find my Life Purpose? What is the best career, profession, and lifeline that will give the purpose of life? There are thousands of career paths and how I will choose my purposeful life path and career?

I believe that every person can find the real purpose of life, but it needs effort, attention, work, commitment, and will to discover it. In this post, I Am going to share a list of steps and tips that will help you in finding your true meaning and real purpose in life. With these steps and knowledge, you will not only find your true purpose for your life but also will enjoy the true fruits of happiness and peace in your inner world.

Learn How to Find True Meaning & Real Purpose of Life;

Fundamentals & Importance of Finding The True Purpose of Your Life


Every day, in the morning, as we get up, we feel sad and under pressure. We are feeling like there is something is missing. We are feeling tired of our education system, job, business, position, status, family, and goals.

But actually is not the big problem that we are incomplete or exhausted, but the actual problem is that we don’t know what is the reason behind all the stress and anxiety, pressure, and unknown pain.

Even with minor success and wins, money, and power, we don’t feel powerful and happy. Even spending time with family, on vacation, or with GF/BF not really enjoying, we feel empty and free of true blessings.

If you are a person in the above cases and situations, then you really don’t know your life’s purpose. The purpose of life is significantly important for happiness and peace in life. Without it, you will never find the correct direction and goals for your time, energy, body, and soul. Even though you will get success in the outer world, but you will shrink and damaging yourself from your inner side.

You don’t need to worry if you have not yet found the purpose of life. Because there are millions of people on the face of the earth, in the race of life, with no purpose.

But one thing important to note is that finding your life purpose is not one night or one-day game but its game of life. The purpose of life is a journey. The more you work on it, the more you will get closer to it. The more you get experience, the more you will discover about yourself, your life, and your purpose.

In today’s world, you will find people around that they will make a lot of money from their jobs but will not be happy. Because they are doing it, as others are doing the same for life.

They will stay busy, day in and day out with boring jobs because they don’t believe in their own talent and potential. They are getting low-value jobs because they are in love with their comfort zone.

Most of the population are getting education and jobs just to pay bills and eat food, and that’s all they are alive for. But they don’t feel signs of gratitude, pleasure, and true peace.

To find your true purpose and meaning you have to sacrifice your old mindset, and perspective, beliefs, and parameters. You have to discover it with focus and commitment. And these sacrifices and work will bring the result in the long run, but you will start enjoying peace and happiness in the process of finding your purpose.

Any kind of power, wealth, or things will not give you the happiness pleasure, and happiness that you will find with the discovering of your purpose and goal of your life. And once you discovered your purpose, then your fight will not be about the material world and things, but you will work for your inner happiness and life.

Note; There are ways and systems for learning and finding anything in life, and so is for purpose of life. If someone tells you with this course, book, or program you will discover purpose within a week or month, then trust me, it’s wrong and you should not trust this person. It’s will take time, courage, focus, and hard work. But one thing is sure: that you will enjoy the process and hustle of finding your true self and purpose. So get ready and let jump into the process and guide to finding your life’s purpose.

How To Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life?

We all are part of the big universe. And it’s clear that we are not just living our lives for ourselves, but we have something to do with the surrounding universe.

So our purpose is not to make money for ourselves or make ourselves powerful, although it’s also necessary, there is something big purpose and meaning connected with us, which fulfilling will give us happiness and peace.

Here are tips and steps that will help you in finding the true meaning and purpose of life.

1. Self-discovery and awareness


It’s the begging of your journey. Without self-awareness, you will never find your life’s purpose and meaning. You have to understand your own nature, personality, and discover your hidden talent, potential strengths, and weakness.

With self-discovery, you will find the true meaning of your life. Self-awareness will give you clues and hints of how to find talent, how to find passion, how to be the best at something, and how to serve others.

Self-awareness will be your light on the path of finding your life’s purpose.

2. Find Time for Yourself

Our life true journey begins when we listen to our inner voices and sounds. We have to listen to these voices with the ear of our minds.

Every day in the morning or evening you have to specify some time for yourself-talking and reflection.

Just find a quiet place and sit there with closed eyes for at least 10 minutes. Soon you will start responding and connecting with your inner world. It will take time, but slowly, and slowly you will understand the meaning and clues to your true life purpose.

3. Embrace the Changes and challenges

You will never find your life purpose just playing in your comfort zone. For a purpose, you have to change yourself by facing challenges, doing uncomfortable tasks, and make sacrifices by facing fear.

But most of the people just do the jobs or work that they don’t like, even so, they are not planning to get out of this circle. Because they have a habit of playing the safe zone. They avoid danger or fear. And so they spend all their lives just following their boss’s orders.

Getting out of your comfort zone will be a little hard in the begging, but when you start enjoying the process and adventure of changes and challenges, then you will never think of playing in the safe zone.

4. Focus On the Present Moments


In order to understand the true purpose of life, we have to build the habit of staying focus on the present moment. All long-term goals are important, but ignoring the present means ignoring the long-term goal and so purpose.

For a meaningful life, we have to start living in the moments and it’s because we have just control over our present, and not over the future and past. Just controlling your moments gives you control over your future and life.

5. Learning New Things

Learning new things, skills, and trying will give you guidance and a path that will be directed to your life’s purpose. You can’t just find your life purpose in your repeated daily job. For a life purpose, you have to try different things in life.

6. Things that Gives You Pleasure and Energy

When you love something, then it will not make you tired, but it will give you energy and power. It will not bore you, but the more time you spend in it, the more passionate you will become about it.

These tasks are your dream jobs and goals. Make a list of all such things and try all such things that will help you in finding the true meaning of life.

7. List of Your Skills and Passion


This exercise helped many people. Just make a list of skills and things that you are good at and have experienced about it. Now, make a list of things that you are passionate about.

Now, checked the thing is matching and try these things. These jobs and tasks will give you the purpose of life.

8. Career & Profession

We, humans, are living things, and we all have some basic needs that we have to fulfill for living. For a living, we have to work and make money to get resources.

Back in the day, people used to have hard jobs for making their living but now in the internet’s age, it’s really easy to find work and make a better living. And so the days of hard job and hustle are gone.

Today we all have thousands of opportunities around to make money and fulfill our life needs. We don’t need to choose the career path that hurts our heart, our mind, and our inner life. If you are doing so, you are on the wrong path.

We have to choose the career and profession that according to our inner sound and person. Job and business that gives a kick and energy for life. Don’t just choose the career and business for money, but for your purpose and meaning.

9. Helping Others in Society

As already mentioned that our life purpose is not just to make money for ourselves but we are part of a universe. We can find meaning and purpose in life by serving society. By giving back to society, you will find your true happiness and peace.

The service to the community will give you the mindset of abundance and gratitude. You will see blessings and prosperity all around your life.

Giving Back to society doesn’t mean just money, but you can deliver it in whatever thing and whatever way you want and you can.

Teach to students for free, give free food, arrange plots for the homeless, create and find jobs for unemployed people. You can give to charity for research and development. And the list goes on.

And I believe that serving and helping others is our true meaning of life.

10. Your belief system

Your belief system play important role in your life’s purpose and meaning. And it’s because of all your choices and decisions are based on your belief. It creates your mindset and perspective in your life, which creates your goals and future.

Creating strong and true beliefs and then staying loyal to them will help truly us in finding the true meaning of life.


Life is continuous, process, and Journey. It’s the name of change. For finding your life’s purpose and meaning, you have to change and improve yourself. By changing and improving yourself, you will find the correct path and purpose of your life. Learn here more about self-improvement and growth in lifestyle.

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