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How To Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast? ( 6 Tips )

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast

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YouTube is not only great to make money online, but it’s also useful for marketing and getting new customers to your business. It’s because YouTube is the biggest search engine after google and here people search for information, solutions, needs, services, products, reviews, entertainment, and much more. So it’s all dependent on your business and creating content to get the free millions of customers to your business and products.

YouTube is free, and so there is a huge competition. Millions of YouTube channels, every second uploading content. But only a few get success and viewers. And the majority are not getting a response to their videos.  Response according to the work they put in creating the content.

Creator care about people’s needs and problems. And they are creating amazing content, but they are not using the right approach to reach out to their right customers and users. In this post, I am going to share a list of 6 tips that will help you in reaching in front of the right user and viewers.

6 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel;

1. Searchable Keyword Focused Title

Drafting an attractive, interesting, and clickable title for your videos, making it easy for the user to click. The boring or meaningless title is not persuasive. Prepare and compile the searchable title that will attract the user to action. The title should build the desire in a person. What he will get after watching the video.

The main keyword for your business, niche, problem, need, etc should be included in the title of the video. The use of keywords is important because users search on YouTube using these specific keywords and so get the list of videos.

Compel the title that is problem-solving, adding some value, new ideas, new information, or new method. For example, you are making tutorials or training videos, your title should start with how to communicate with strangers or to make a logo in Inkscape, How to start an online business, etc.

If Your content is about traveling or vlogging. Your title should fill with words like your adventures, some failures, new interesting facts, talking about new food, old traditions, etc. You are a business leader or motivational speaker, your title should be based on your life experiences, your struggle, your story, and your achievements.

You can get the idea of searchable keywords and key phrases from google suggestion and YouTube.

2. Attractive Thumbnail

Your title and keywords help you in reaching out to your user in search but amazing titles not only help in search but also help in the suggestive videos list. Attractive and relative title with few keywords can push your viewers to click on the video.

You can write the result or outcome-based keywords on your thumbnail with attractive photos. The best free YouTube video thumbnail making platform is Canva. Here millions of free photos are available to use freely in your thumbnail making process.

3. Post, Before Posting the Video

Before uploading your video on YouTube, Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube post about the video. Upload a teaser video of the interesting scene from the music video, short story, or series. Talk, write, and show what is this video about. What your user will take from this video? When this video will be available.

In this way, your user will be waiting for your video and its strong way of building relationships with your viewers.

4. Helpful Description

The description is a guide for viewers to add more information about the video and its add value to your video. The video description should be short but concrete. Your description makes it easy for people to search for you on YouTube. By including and repetition, keywords in the description, make it easy for people to find your videos.

Further, you will describe yourself and your channel content and purpose. You will add your contact links like website, Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. In this way, the YouTube user will stay in connection with your channel and you.

5. Tags

Video tags help you in ranking your video on YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s a Strategy of how to promote and place your video on top of YouTube’s first page. You can generate the best video tags for free for your video using a tool like Rapidtags, Keyword everywhere, etc.

6. Comments-Action

Every comment from a viewer needs action. It’s an easy but really helpful way of growing your YouTube Channel. Comments are a strong bond between you and your viewers. Reply to you every comment and giving them heart or say thank you, make them feel worthy. It encourages users to more comments and explores more of your content.

Making your videos about what people are asking about, and then mention them, helps you build trust with viewers. Your content should be around what people are questions and commenting again and again. Your action to every comment is your guarantee for more views and subscribers.


All YouTubers are creating great content, but this content of no value if the user is not getting benefit from it. Everyone uses title, tags, thumbnail, and description but using all these with little research can bring you a lot of new users and subscribers.

Let me know in the comments section about this post. What you people looking for, that I should write about here and also check my other posts about Online business and passive income streams.

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