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How to Make Money on Amazon KDP? ( Passive Income Book Publishing )

How to Make Money on Amazon KDP? ( Passive Income Book Publishing )

E-Books Publishing

Worldwide everything is moving to the internet like fashion, entertainment, Gaming, business, shopping, dating, partnership, education, etc. Like other things Books are also moving to the internet and not online sell and purchase but to e-books.

E-Books publishing is the largest growing industry like other industries and a million people are reading and purchasing e-books online. The greatest reason for e-book growth that they are easy to carry in a phone, laptop, or iPad and a lot of wisdom and knowledge at a low price.

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the whole online world. Billions of users’ daily visits to Amazon for shopping. Books are an important part of Amazon and actually, it was created for online bookselling.

With changing time and technology Amazon changes book publishing by introducing Amazon Kindle and Amazon KDP. With  Amazon KDP, now anyone in the whole world can publish their book to the Amazon store for free and can make money.

How Amazon KDP works?

There are two programs on Amazon KDP.

1. Amazon unlimited option.

2. Amazon Common option

According to Amazon’s unlimited option, you can sell books only on Amazon stores and Amazon Kindle. Here you will make money from online books selling and kindle monthly subscriptions. It’s a really great way to start making money as a new writer. In this option, your book will available for free for the first 5 days. After every 90 days, you have the option to take the book out from Amazon unlimited kindle option to the common option.

According to the common option, you can sell a book in the Amazon store and also on other online books selling platforms like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple books, etc.

My first choice as a writer will be to go for Amazon Kindle unlimited because after 90 days you can bring your book out and sell it to other online stores.

E-books Pricing on Amazon KDP

The minimum price for any book is $ .99 of which 35% is your royalty and subscription royalty depends on pages read by users.  But if you priced your book between $2.99 to 9.99, you will be get paid  70% Royalty.

So the price of $2.99 is the Game-changing price. A great tip here is to charge your book for $.99 and later combine your 4 to 5 books bundle and sell it for $2.99.

Free Books Promotions & reviews

The greatest free tool for book promotions is Facebook groups. Join as many groups as possible at least up to 50.  As your book is live you will share your links in 50+ plus free groups and ask them to download it for free and in return review the book. Good reviews help your book in ranking high search which is a great source for the new readers to buy or read your book.

How to Find the Most profitable Books Niche??

Go to Amazon and search for best-selling books. Then look for your interest in the industry. Make a list of best-selling book topics and niches.

You can also search on other online book stores like KoboBarnes & Noble and iTunes books, etc. Look for best-selling books in the niche and then select the best topic according to your passion and interest.

How to write a Book for Amazon KDP?

There are two main ways to write a book. First self-writing and 2nd outsourcing the book.

After choosing the best niche topic you will research and share your own experience about the topic in the book. You will find a lot of free information about the topic online from google but don’t try to copy them. You can only use this information as a guide, and you also need to give them back the credit.

Outsourcing is also a great way to create a book on any hot selling topics. Search for niches and keywords. Find the writer on Fiverr, Upwork, or Facebook groups.

As you get the book from a freelancer, edit it and set it according to the demand to Amazon. Create cover on Canva for free and upload it to Amazon KDP and start making money online. Repeat the process and grow your e-books publishing business.


The need and demands for e-books are increasing every year. And so it’s a great opportunity to publish books online and make some money as a side hustle. Learn here more about e-Books publishing and Online Business.

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