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How To Manage Stress and Anxiety? ( 6 Ways To Overcome Stress )

How To Manage Stress and Anxiety? ( 6 Ways To Overcome Stress )

Stress is our emotional and physical reaction to unwanted and unexpected outputs. We can also define, stress as a frustrated and negative approach to some undesired results.

We also feel stress when the objective and goal are out of control, and we think we will not achieve it in the time frame.

When we are busy achieving a big goal and objective which failing can bring a lot of loss and a positive result can bring a lot of rewards. Then in such actions, positions, and situations, we feel tension and stress.

The main and greatest reason for stress is uncertainty. It’s a position and situation where you feel that something wrong going to happen or will happen.

Our hands start shaking, fast heartbeats, feeling nervous, anger, etc are a common cause of stress.

Stress badly affect our work performance and productivity. We don’t focus on the work efficiently because inside we feel and stay worried.

Stress Management;

Naturally, stress is not a bad thing because it will push and force you to put in extra effort and goes out of the comfort zone to get the desired result from the situation.

The problem starts when you start feeling stress on a routine and daily basis. And this will affect your performance and action in a bad way about the situation you already stressed about it.

In this post, I am going to share some routine life tips and tools for stress management. These tips and tools will help you with stress management. And Channelizing the stress for positive and creative output.

1. Exercise

Physical activity and exercise help you in controlling stress and increasing dopamine in the mind which causes happiness and pleasures. Doing regular exercises for at least half-hour not only will help you in controlling the stress but also increase your stamina and work productivity.

2. Make Yourself Busy in Hobby

Keeping yourself busy in your hobby can help you with stress reduction and make your energy for uncompleted tasks.

3. Food & Sleep in Order

Keeping the food and sleep in order can also help in managing and controlling the stress. On one hand, it will increase energy, and another hand it will take your focus from stressful situations. And now you will think of changing the work results and output.

4. Time with Friends & Family

Spending time with friends and family can help you in handling the situation in a better way. They will help to feel better yourself and try to overcome the situations by facing. They will make and feel you special and worthy of the situation.

5. Practicing Breathing

Taking long breathing exercises can decrease the pressure for the moment. And in the relaxing moments, you can think about the good and bad effects of the situation.

6. Focus on The Purpose

People who focus and think for long term purpose and goals are less stressed. When you divide your defined purpose into small tasks, then you will think about the reward of the main objective and will not worry and stress about current actions and situations.

I hope this post will help you with stress management and getting your tasks completed within the set deadline. Let me know through comments what activity you do for stress management?

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