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How To Motivate Yourself? ( 7 Tips To Stay Motivated and Face Your Problems )

How To Motivate Yourself ? ( 7 Tips To Stay Motivated and Face Your Problems )

Problems are part of everyone’s life and especially in the life of those who dare and will to achieve greater goals and objectives. According to the GaryVee, Nothing great is easy. The greater the aim, then the greater price you have to pay for achieving it.

Motivation is our key and fountain for keeping ourselves on track of our goals and objectives. Without motivation, we lose hope and nothing comes into our hands. High motivation also keeps us focused and productive and helps us to achieve our goals faster.

But because of problems and obstacles, we lose our motivation and then don’t know how to regain it or take it back to the higher level. And many people without motivation give up on their dreams and goals.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 7 Steps and tips to boost your motivation and keep yourself motivated in times of troubles and adventures.

7 Tips To Motivate Yourself ;

1. Focus on Your why, Not Problems

Problems are part of human life, but if you just focus on problems, then it will drain your courage and energy. And instead of solving it and facing it, you will try to skip and run from it.

But if you focus on your why, purpose, and goals, and work consistently on it, then you will come with ideas to handle these problems. Focusing on why will give you the courage and motivation to solve the problems by facing these problems.

2. Right planning and strategy

Specific and clear planning keeps you in the straight direction of your goals. When problems occur, you just step back and locate your direction and position and start working again on grinding on your goals.

Without rational planning, you will don’t know your next steps or move in adverse situations, and soon give up. Ideas and goals without measurable steps will feel defeated and unhappy. But with clear planning, it will motivate you for the next job and mission, and your total focus will be on getting things done.

3. There is no Perfectness

Perfectness doesn’t exist in the actual world. And so waiting for perfect ideas, products, time, skills level, or opportunities, then you will wait for long life.

To achieve your goals and dreams, you have to start the action and learn and grow it. If you are just waiting to learn but no action, then you will never learn. True learning comes from taking action and making mistakes and growing.

4. Focus on Daily small Goal

We all want to achieve big goals, but our big goals come from our small daily achievements. And so with dividing big goals into small targets and then achieving them daily will boost our motivation for the next day to-do lists.

The division of big goals into small is the smart way to keep yourself motivated and focused on the major target and goal.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

You are unique in your talent, passion, skills, experiences, and goals. And so don’t compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself with other people,  you will start devaluing your self-worth and value.

We need to compare ourselves to yesterday’s selves. And this comparing will boost your motivation and will help you in improving yourself every day.

6. Look for Good and Positive

There is an old saying, “There is something good in every bad”. And so instead of staying worried or complaining, we need to find positive and learn something positive for every situation of life.

Looking for positivity will not only improve our life and mindset. But also will keep us motivated to keep moving towards our goals.

7. Learning Something New Every day

More learning means more earning. And earning doesn’t mean just money, but it’s improving your mindsets, skills, peace, happiness, and wisdom.

Learning every day something new from books, mentors, coaches, seminars, etc will keep you motivated for life and your dreams.


Problems will come, but it will give you learning and self-improvement, which is the key to motivation and success. Your success is easily achievable when it clears, measurable, and specific strategy and planning. Learn here more motivation and self-improvements.

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