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How to Rank in Google Search Engine; 7 Things You Need in Every Post to Rank on 1st Page of Google

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This Post is Your Guide how to hit #1 page in google search engine

In today Age of online Competition its difficult to rank in Google Search engine or hit on the 1st page for some specific keywords. It needs a lot of expertise and practice. The more you produce the content and analyze your content database, the more you will learn about the reality of SEO. After doing blogging for 5 years I have come to the conclusion that 7 things must be included in your post if you want to hit the first page in Google search engine. Without these 7 things its almost impossible to get a place in google search engine. These 7 Things are the following:

  • Position of Keyword in title

Title Plays an important role in the search engine. Like the title, placement of keywords in the title is really important for SEO. You should be really focused that what keyword you want to be ranked for and then, this keyword or keyword phrase should be your first word in the title. If a keyword is a single word you can place it in 2nd word in the title.  1st word or 2nd-word position of keywords in the title is important because in this way it will easy for google to find the keywords and bring to the top of the search engine.

  • Keyword in URL

Keyword in URL will make easy for Google to link the post with search keywords. If your keyword is not included in post URL it will be difficult for Google to rank the post without the keyword. Your post URL need to similar to your post title or at least to keywords.

  • Headings H1 and H2

Heading is just sub-title or extra introduction title to the post and 75% of keyword google search results comes from Headingds H1. Similarly, H2 is subheading and mini details about the and purpose of the post. The heading playing a great role in hitting keyword and showing it on upfront to the search engine.

  • Meta Description

Description of your post makes it easy for users to read and decide what is the purpose of this post. The two lines short detail about the post will either attract the users to the post or will take away from your blog. Google always ranks those post that has a comprehensive description. Again creating a great two lines meta description needs experience and practice. Keyword or keyword phrase must be included in the meta description.

  • Content of Post

Content in the post should be good both of quantity-wise and quality-wise. Its really great if you are adding some kind value or solving problem. Google really appreciate it but your content should not be just 2 or 3 paragraphs and people or google don’t trust or believe that you will solve the real problem. Keeping the quantity of words minimum 1000 to 3000 words is really great for ranking in google search engine. I don’t mean that you just word or content from here and there and make it longer. Use unuseful content or words will make your post boring. just put the real research value and information to related keyword and title.

  • Media Integration

Adding images or videos double the post value because sometimes its really easy to understand that statics or data from video and images. The more you produced problem-solving content, you have more chances to hit #1 front page of google search engine.

  • Number of External links

Providing helps in the form of extra links in the post to your users. Google will take you a problem solver which the biggest sign of hitting #1 in the search engine. Its because here you are not just selfish and just care about yourself. here, you are helping the users and giving them extra guide with this post content. The more put external links in your post the more attractive it will be for google to rank you high in search engine.

I hope this article will help in producing good content for your blog and business. All these tips will help you in How to Rank in Google Search Engine. Also, check my this post; How to Find Keywords; 5 Steps Process.

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