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How To Set Goals and Achieve Them? ( Simple Steps To Achieve Goals )

How To Set Goals and Achieve Them? ( Simple Steps To Achieve Goals )

Goal Setting

We, humans, have unlimited power and energy for achieving any objective and target. But we really need a system, discipline, and habitual pathway that will make our focus and energy in one direction. And with focused energy, we can achieve any objective on the face of the earth. Goal setting is the foundation for this discipline and system.

Here, I don’t mean that we can’t achieve our goals without a system or discipline. But I really mean that that discipline makes our process easy and pathway in control. And with less energy, you can produce more results and output.

All people set a goal but only a few achieve their goals. So it means that Goal setting is not a problem but actually, the problem is in achieving these goals. So we need to set the goals in a way that looks achievable. In a way that looks easy in action.

In this post, I am going to share a unique way of setting goals and making them a reality within the deadline with simple focus actions. With these steps and processes, every day you will see growth and development to your goals.

One great tip for goal achievement is doing and performing in the way of people who already done and achieved the goals. Learning from mentors and coaches will stop you from taking the wrong steps and mistakes.

This will motivate you that if they can hit, you can also have and achieve all that others are doing and achieving. Their experiences, techniques, and guide will change the results of your actions.

Simple Steps To Set Goals and Achieve Them;

1. Why of your Goal

According to Simon Sinek that you’re why should be the main force for your action and destinations. Mission and goals without strong why and purpose don’t get the shot of success.

You have to understand and clear you’re why behind your goal setting and actions. Your why will help you to keep the goal specific and real. When you know your why and reward you will be ready for any sacrifice.

2. One Goal

Before going and jumping into more guides and tools for goal setting just remember one main principle that one in one. Just focus on one goal at one time.

Multiple goals at one time create procrastination and distract and affect your focus during the action. In the end, you will be hanging between two projects in half and no single and proper results and output.

3. Write the Goal

Writing down your dream project and idea on paper. Now, vision the image after achieving the goal. How you will feel after achieving this goal? How will your life look after achieving this goal?

For example, my goal is to lose a weight of 20 kg in 6 months. Now imagine the picture, how you will look after losing 20 kg weight. How you will feel about yourself and your personality?

Write on paper; what you will need to achieve this goal? How much improvement you will need in your skillet?

How and what kind of resources you will need to get the goal? How you will get resources? Deadline for your main project?

Divide the main goal into half-yearly, monthly, and weekly tasks. How you will measure and track your performance?

4. Sharing Goal with Family and Friends

Share your dream life and your goal with your family and friends. In this way, they will understand your personality, and will respect your vision, and will try to support you in your mission.

Sharing your goal will feel and make you accountable for achieving the goal. It will give you a sense of responsibility for making the goal possible.

5. Goal Deadline on Vision Board

Our thoughts and vision are the main engines for our actions. Our strong vision and committed actions will make our goal possible and achievable. Our strong self-belief with the vision of the goal image will push and prepare us for the unwilling sacrifices and focus hard times.

On your vision board, you will write with promise and commitment, on this date I want to achieve this goal. At this date, my position, and life will be like this, and that, etc. Writing an image of visionary life will make the work easy for you because now you will operate and perform at this new level.

I will achieve this goal on this date. Early morning and before bed at night look and imagine the image of your goal for 5 minutes. This will motivate and will keep forcing you from inside about the work and action. These thoughts will control your actions directly to your main goal.

6. Dividing the Goal

Writing a 300 pages book is really hard but dividing the book into chapters and then into paragraphs will make it really easy for you to start writing a book. The same is the case with goals. Just divide the big goal into small monthly and weekly tasks will make your work actionable, possible, and achievable.

After each successful week, your motivation will be high and you will feel more passionate about the coming days.

Look at the goal of weight loss. Overall it looks very tough but if we just divide the goal into months and weekly actions. It will be really easy to work on weekly targets and progressing towards the main big goal.

At the start, it looks really hard when you imagine being at the place. But it will occur slowly and by daily action. Goal Setting and hitting is not a one-day game that your work out for 20 hours and the next day no work at all. You have to play and work on it systematically.

So your focus should be on your daily actions and not on the final target. After a few months, you will see the changes and progress.

For weight loss example, 1-hour exercise, 5-times a week, and eating healthy food is the right action to achieve. Not just working-out for 5 hours a day and no exercise for the whole week will take you nowhere.

7. Tracking the Action Steps

Learning and tracking your actions is a great way to achieve any goal. Tracking success and action steps will help you in understanding what’s working and what’s not. You will skip the things that are not working and will bring new ideas into action that are bringing more positive results.

Celebrating the small wins and learning from mistakes and daily slow progress will construct your mindset for reaching the big goal.

8. Continuous Journey

With these above steps, you can easily get any target within the deadline time. You only need a  specific way with a clear why and the right mindset, guidance, and strong commitment. After hitting one goal, plan for 2nd, and so on the life continues.

I hope this post will help you in goal setting and the system of archiving. Learn here more about goal setting and planning.

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