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How To Stay Motivated? ( 31 Ways to Stay Motivated Every day )

How To Stay Motivated


Motivation is the key to action and getting things done. It’s your inner burning fire to push you to make changes.

Only being motivated, you will turn your ideas into reality. It’s your inner voice to make changes, to stay happy, and take action.

Motivation is therapy and your medication for changing your mindset and taking the action to achieve your goals and objectives.

But we humans are don’t stay in one position all time. Our behavior, inspiration, attitude change with changing circumstances and so we don’t feel motivated all time. We feel ourselves under pressure, lost or disturbed, and don’t know where to start or what to do.

In this post, I am going to share a list of 31 ways to stay motivated all the time. Problems obstacles will come, but when you will be motivated, pumped up, and unstoppable in life. And no obstacle or problem will make you scared from getting the results you want to achieve in life.

 31 Ways to Stay motivated Every day & Achieve Your Goals

1. Set Big Goals

Set big and infinite goals, even though you don’t know yet how you will achieve them. Setting big goals will push you to put you all in and get the results done.

There is an old saying that most people don’t achieve greatness because they set low goals and achieve it, not because they set big goals and missed them.

2. Believe You Have Unlimited Talent

There is a big problem in our education system that we based our talent based on college degrees, marks, and certificates. And so we settle ourselves for the job based on our degree.

We all have unlimited talent but we don’t have the right belief and so sell ourselves for low values. I am not against the job. Keep yourself busy, but don’t stop believing in yourself. Keep the belief to yourself that you can do more than you think and you can achieve greatness.

3. Avoid Distraction

Distraction can be a negative friend, watching TV news, listening to unplanned phone calls, or multitasking, etc it is all dangerous for your productivity and motivation. The more you focused, the more you will be motivated and the more you will put in action.

4. Do the challenging tasks


Its key secret to polishing your talent and self-mastery. Doing a hard task will be able to expand your talent and will help you in growing. It’s not about getting the things or results, but actually, greatness is about a game of growth and taking your talent to the next level.

Doing uncomfortable and facing fearful jobs will make your mindset and will change your life perspective.

5. Division of Big Goals Into Small tasks

It’s an old principle, divide, and rule, and is true for other areas of life. Just simply divide your mission and big goal into small goals and then just focus on the piece of this goal for today or a week and forget about other pieces. The one-piece or task you achieve, the more you will be pumped and motivated to get more pieces done.

6. Fails yourself

Failing is the first step to success. The more you fail yourself, the more you will grow, and the more you will become the master of the life game.

According to GaryVee, “I learn more failing than wins.” And it’s true that with winds you just have one idea or way to get things done, but when you fail, you learn a lot of lessons. And its biggest secret of extraordinary people to greatness and achievements in life.

7. Make Yourself Valuable


The biggest secret to motivation is your value and worth. The more you invest in yourself, the more expand your skills, the more unstoppable you will become in life. Regular investment in yourself will help you to come up with new ideas, new technology, new tactics, and ways to handle the problem.

According to Warren Buffett, the best investment is self invest, and it’s true when you are worthy and valuable the people love to follow you. And you will be ready to take charge of yourself in any conditions and situation.

8. Be the person of Action

Ideas and vision are easy, but it brings nothing. Action is hard, but it brings results. Be the person of action. Don’t just talk, but putting in action will change your results and will help to make your life greatly.

Your action makes you different from other people. Because a lot of people will just talk about the big ideas, but you will create the difference by action and its results and it will give the power of motivation.

9. Be the Giver, not the taker

When you are a giver, then you will believe in yourself and will create ways and resources to help and serve others. You will not wait for other people or resources, but you will start acting, and so will take and change yourself and results.

The giving attitude will make you powerful and give you the motivation to feel abundance and get more things done.

10. Choose the Circle of Extraordinary People

People in your around play a significant role in your mindset, life perspective, and inspiration. Great and positive people will push to do and accomplish great things. People with glorious dreams and winning attitudes will develop and cultivate greatness, writing you and will motivate you to go beyond your limits.

11. Starts Book Reading

Books are the greatest source of learning and wisdom, and the more you learn, the more you earn. Reading at least 2 books for a month will give inspiration and motivation to do more great things. Reading books like biographies, self-help, business, finance, etc. will burn the fire n your inner side and will help and motivate you to do extraordinary things in life.

12. Don’t play in the Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone is the death zone for your talent, potential, and motivation. Playing safe and being comfortable, you will not be ready to face challenges or will take risks. And so you will never grow.

For enormous achievements, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to master the skills of playing in discomfort. When you are dissatisfied, you will create alternative ways and will push yourself to overcome the problems. You will motivate yourself to achieve the target.

There will be things that will make you fearful and scared, but you have to face and move forward. Moving out is not the way to greatness. You have to move in and make the uncomfortable things done.

13. Be The morning person


Morning is a time of creativity and focus. Doing the most difficult and creative tasks in the morning will help to beat your competition because they will be sleeping. Getting up early and reading or exercise will give you motivation and fire for the whole day.

14. Get coaching and guidance from experts

Learning from influential people is easy to greatness. Guidance and coaching from experts will give you motivation and desire to be extraordinary and great like them.

Go and ask from mentors, coaches, and successful for the way of success and greatness. Guidance from greatness will make you the master of life, not in one industry or niche. But they will give you the wisdom and knowledge to keep you motivated for life.

15. Every day spends time with family

We all have a busy life, but making and spending time with family every day will give you pleasure, happiness, and inner motivation. It will make you special and responsible to get your goals for yourself and your family.

16. Keep close eye on Everything in Your life

We all want to be great but not just in one area of life but overall. And overall greatness is only possible by keeping a regular check on it. Family, business, investments, fitness, siblings, community,  bank statements, team members, etc.

Keep checking what is growing, and what is not, finding the reason, and then keeping every important area of life growing and make it of quality. This will keep you focused and motivated, and will push you for taking action.

17. Make Your every Second of Quality

Time is the most important thing we get and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. To build a glorious life, we don’t need to plan for a year or month, but we need to work on it every second. Keep, watch, and make every second of the minute’s count.

18. Good night Sleep

Good sleep is the key to productivity and more creativity. Getting good sleep will give you the energy and motivation to produce more results. If you are tired or lazy, then you will not be focused to do your work and you will not be getting results and so no motivation.

19. Getting things done before the deadline


This step will fire your motivation to the sky, just putting in work and making things done before the deadline will keep you motivated and will prepare you for the next big thing. If you are always late in getting things done, then it will be part of your mindset forever.

20. Just Win Today

Don’t worry about the past, future, or what are you. Just make the list of your top priorities and win it. Do what you can and make your today fight to win. And it’s will be your motivation for tomorrow and the future. Making every day successful and winning will make you unstoppable for your future.

21. Know Your true strengths and Power

You have to be honest with yourself before, honest with the outer world. You have to know about your true talent, skills, ad knowledge. You have to know what things or jobs you are best at and how you will be extraordinary in these things.

My strengths will be my key to greatness, and I just not only need to know but make it extraordinary. And only then I will go to the next level of life.

22. Grow Your People Bank

Like bank balance, we also need to grow our people’s bank. We need to add more people into our network by being valuable, the giver, and helpful to others. We have to stay active in the community, social activities, charity, and volunteer and to be the source of greatness for others.

And people will join and will love to stay in our connection. More people in the network will give you energy and duty and will make you responsible to do great things and make great things able.

23. Rewards yourself for each small win and success

We all want rewards for our actions and ideas. But you are doing all this for yourself. Don’t wait for the outer world. Celebrate every minor success and your motivation will be limitless for greatness.

24. Keep Yourself healthy

You can only enjoy your life if you are healthy. And so, for more motivation, you have to keep yourself healthy. Doing exercise, going to the gym, and eating healthy food are key to good health. Exercise for a half hour will keep you healthy and will make you the master of your body, and your motivation will be on fire.

25. Yes to Everything in life

Don’t complain like most people do, why me, just say yes, try me. Be open to the world and say yes to every problem, every challenge, and opportunity. Say yes to family, friends, team members, community, and everything in life. Don’t complain. Be just open to trying everything in life and you will be pumped up to get greatness.

26. Build Bigger purpose Than Money

Money is important for life, but it’s not a complete life. Always have a bigger purpose than money, and you will always be motivated to make life greater. Don’t just waste your time, energy, and talent on running for money. But Set the biggest purpose and go for it.

27. Always Give more than Expected

Always, going the extra mile and giving more than expected will open the window for new opportunities and ideas. It will motivate for life to do and get more things done.

28. Picture re our future life

What you want to achieve in your life, what is your mission, and what is your dream purpose. Picturing your dream lifestyle will help you to motivate and get and prepare you for more action and adventures in life.

29. Don’t base your talent on money

You are a more valuable talent than the money you get for service. Never base your full potential on your money or job. Keep the belief that you can do and create a more unlimited thing and you will pump up for life.

30. Be the expert in Your Space

Great and extraordinary people don’t work to beat others, but they put in action to take the charge of their life. Be the expert, be the leader and so giant so that everyone can only talk bout you.

Be the one in your space. Work not just to make more money, but to be the master of life.

31. Every morning Write down your goals

It’s an old exercise. Just writing and remaining your goal every morning will help to push and motivate you for getting these goals. The more conscious are you about your goals, the more chances you will have to act about it, and the closer you get to it.


Consistent motivation is key to greatness, but it will come from action and only action. Taking bold steps, doing challenging tasks, and achieving small goals every day will keep you motivated and pumped up for achieving more great things in life.

Just work on your self-improvement every day and make yourself worthy and valuable. The more you make yourself worthy, the more you feel confident and will feel inspired and motivated to take action. Learn here more about self-help and motivation.

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