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How To Write a Blog Post? ( 8 Steps To Write a Perfect Blog Post )

How To Write a Blog Post? ( 8 Steps To Write a Perfect Blog Post )

Perfect Blog Post

A perfect blog post is one that not only brings a ton of traffic to the website and pages but also thousands of shares on social media and hundreds of comments and feedback. In other words, we can say that its blog post is created for the best user experience and rightly optimizes for search engine needs.

Everyday Millions of posts and articles are uploaded to the internet and how we can make our article unique and standing from such a competition are big challenges and must solve problems. Without google ranking and social share, we can’t get more traffic and less traffic means fewer profits.

In this post, I am going to share the important components of writing a perfect blog post that will great for search engine ranking like google, yahoo and also people love to share it on social media.

8 Steps To Write a Perfect Blog Post;

1. Creating the Right Content

It’s really important to understand marketing and creating content according to the need of customers. In other words, creating content that meets people’s needs and search. Creating the content useful to the people and users.

The best place to find what kind of content is trending are and BuzzFeed. On these sites, you will search for targeted keywords and keywords phrases, and you will find the topics and articles that are trending for your niche.

Another place for getting content topics and ideas is Amazon. Search your blog inches or your keyword, and you will get to find the book list with more reviews. And also go into deep into book reviews what are books missing and why the book is famous and trending. In this way, you will get the idea of what are people getting and what is missing.

Another place for getting content ideas is Pinterest. Search your keyword and here you will find the related topics to your keyword that people researching on Pinterest.

This will give you the idea of which topics are popular online in your niche, and then you will create the content in your way and style on the topics.

2. Attractive Title and Headline 

Valuable content is important, but if no one is coming to your blog content, then it’s all useless. Writing a great title is key to your content. Writing the title that will attract the visitors to click on your post.

The best tools for creating a blog title are the Potent title maker and Headline analyzer. The first Potent tool will also help in getting content ideas around a specific keyword.

3. Easy to Use Content

People love to read and consume content that is easy and understandable. Complex and confusing posts will push your reader to leave the post. Covey your information in the simple style and step-by-step guide.

Make brief paragraphs and divide your post into headings and sub-headings. Subheadings will help your reader in understanding and follow your steps and make use of your content in their problems.

4. Lengthy Content

Back in the day, people used to rank for the post of 300 words’ length, but now the competition is huge, and Google only ranks those articles that are lengthy and useful to the user.

Don’t just make your article length for being lengthy but make itself and complete according to the need of your users.

5. Add Visual & Charts

Visuals like infographics, photos, charts, data, screenshots, etc are important and useful for converting your message and information. People love to get information from videos and interesting photos.

Charts and infographics are easy to use and sometimes more useful than written words. A great place for creating free charts, visuals, and infographics is Canva. It is a free tool to use and create different kinds of reports for your blog posts.

6. Must Include CTA

CTA stands for the call to action.  Most of the people just conclude their post and article by asking to share the post if you liked it? It’s not the right. You must ask the reader for more engagement and interest in the post.

Ask your reader to comment or their opinions on what they think about the post and articles. This will help you in improving the content and engaging with your audience and later the reader will come to your content your response that their comments.

7. Optimized Content for SEO

You are not creating posts and publishing but the main purpose should be getting google search ranking and getting the traffic for a year. Mostly our post gets traffic on the first day as we share it on social media, to the mailing list, but no traffic after this.

Creating content according to SEO needs well not only brings traffic but also google long term ranking on the first page of google.

8. Promote your Content

Sharing and promoting your content on websites Reddit, Pinterest,, Facebook, linked in, etc is a great way to get free traffic and getting social presence and shares of your content.

For detailed SEO optimized content for SEO check this post by Neil Patel. 

Before leaving just let me know through a comment on what is the most important part and tip in post writing and what I missed in the perfect blog post tips.

I hope this post will help you in creating an amazing blog post for your blog and search engine. Learn here more about article writing and blogging.

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