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How To Write a Book and Get it Published? ( Simple Guide to The Book Writing Process )

How To Write a Book and Get it published? ( Simple Guide to The Book Writing Process )

Book Writing

You are here because you want to write a book or already started a book and now want to complete your book.

Writing a book on a topic and subject is the biggest source of authority and trust for your branding, impact, business, and followers. It makes you the master in the niche.

Book writing is the dream of a lot of people and most people start writing a book about their idea. But after warm starting, they get confused and lose passion, energy, and focus. And so they give up on the book.

Start writing a book is easy but completing the book is a really hard job.

Book writing is the process of joy and pleasure. But the majority of the people don’t complete their books because they think and take their books as a big huge task and burden.

Back in the day, it was a really hard process of book writing and publishing. But now anyone can write a book and then publish it online using free digital book publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle( KDP), Draft2digital, etc.

In this post, I am going to share a few steps simple-guide that will simplify your book writing process. With these steps, you can easily complete your book and publish it online to worldwide digital stores.

The Book Writing Process:

There are different kinds of books but in this post, I will guide you about the process of Non-fiction topics and guide based books.

For fiction books, you will need only outlines and strong imagination and the same for the novel or long storybooks.

For Non-fiction books like biography, how-to, personal story, history, message, idea, training, consulting, etc. you will need detailed information, exposure, in-depth knowledge, Impressive and persuasive style of communicating.

Below is the simple step-by-step guide for book writing. These steps will make your book writing process easy because we will break the whole book into small pieces and chapter tasks.

And then we will don’t care about the book, but we will just focus on small tasks to complete and in this way, we will complete all our small tasks and compile them into a whole book.

Before Writing/  Book Topic & Idea

Before doing anything about the book you will come up with an idea of the book. The idea of conveying messages and lessons based on facts and details. You will create the theme, objective, idea, and message of the book that you want to convey to your readers and to the world.

Research/Data Collection

You will gather all information and data related to the topic and idea you want to write the book about. You can gather the data from online, libraries, experts, books, news, etc.

Just remember one thing in data collection that if you are quoting some third information then try to give credit to the person, media, or source, etc. Its an illegal act of copying and quoting other people’s information without their agreed consent and reference.

Organizing the Data

First, you will divide the book into small parts and then will organize all your data in accordance with your book table of contents.

Data organization will make it easy for you to allocate the right information in the right order and place.

Writing the First Draft

Using your experience, exposure, skills, and unique voice, you will write the first draft of your book. This process will be just putting and adding information into outlines.

Just don’t care about right or wrong and good or bad but just putting all that coming into your mind. Later you can edit and remove all extra and relevant ideas.

Edit Your  Book

After some rest, you will come back to the book and start editing it. You will remove extra ideas, lines, paragraphs, and will include more information if needed.

Editing is a hard job than writing the first draft of your book. During editing, you can take help from friends and other freelancers writers because it’s a little hard to judge your own writing.

Proofreading and Final

Proofreading is looking and removing spelling, language, and grammatical mistakes. A lot of care should be taken in proofreading because it’s the final stage of the process and after proofreading your book will be ready to publish.

Book Title & Cover

Title and cover play an important role in book writing. It’s your title and covers that Will attracts your reader to take the book into the hands.

Using Rich Keywords according to your book message can help you in search engine optimization of your book in online search and marketplaces.

Creating an amazing and creative cover is also important for your book. You can create a free book cover on Canva or hire someone on Fiverr for $5.

Book Publishing

There are a lot of publishing options available to publish your book in print and e-book. My best suggestions are Amazon KDP, Draft2digital, Smashwords, etc.

Just upload your content on these platforms and these platforms will publish your book to worldwide book stores, like Amazon, iBook, Noble barns, etc.

I hope this post will you in the book-writing process, and you will complete your first book within the set deadline. Learn here more about book writing and marketing.

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